Qin Mu: Forest water droplets

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Xu Jianhua is a senior Chinese teacher, currently teaching in the First senior middle school of Yuan ‘an County, Hubei Province.In addition to teaching and learning, lane language said, writing ceaseless.He has published more than 20 papers on Chinese teaching in provincial, municipal and national journals.He has a good command of literature and history since he was a child. He has unique views on classical Chinese and composition teaching. He has tried to “write compositions by himself, teach compositions easily” and “interesting new historical records, learn Classical Chinese easily” in Chinese teaching, which combines learning with music and has a unique style.The autumn wind is winding up, the leaves are all taken off, the beauty of the forest, the beauty is in the clear;Spring sound pharynx dangerous stone, cold green pine, forest beauty, beauty in solitude;Forest, green trees, away from the hustle and bustle, often become frustrated literati hermit soul habitat.Different from the delicate feelings of the literati, qin Mu, a modern writer, loved life and embraced The Times. In his eyes, the forest was far away from the hustle and bustle, but also full of vitality.There is beauty in forests as well as beauty in forests.There are not only many elves in the forest, but also strange people full of legendary stories.Walking in the forest, feeling the refreshing water drops, I also seem to become crystal clear water drops, flowing spirit, reflecting the author’s rational thinking on the harmony between man and nature.Only wish the axe of human, not into the mountains, mountains and rivers home, always green, also make our hearts green.I like walking in the forest very much.(Brief description of “my” hobby — walking in the forest, quite the “iceberg principle” meaning, the words to stop, concise words, leaving space for imagination, association.)In the first place, I love the forest.For ten years I have been to the woods in many places.The Lesser Hinggan Mountains, Lushan mountains, Wuyi Mountains, Sanqing Mountains, as well as fengkai and Longmen forests in Guangdong Province, I do not want to write travel notes here, but I do not want to describe their scenery in detail.I want to say, is that a piece of dark green, or dark green, green, apple green, pale green composition of the mountains.If you stand on a forest lookout and watch the trees move as if the sea were rolling in the wind;The spectacular scenery makes people suddenly forget many worldly trivial matters, there is a kind of “there is a true meaning, to distinguish has forgotten words” joy.(It expresses the author’s indescribable delight at the magnificent view of the forest.)The ancient man came out of the forest.Perhaps we saw the forest and awakened some primitive, wild feeling.(Part of the idea is very clear, the first is “scenery language” — describing the magnificent beauty of the forest;After “love language”, the author forgot the machine;Finally for the mind wandering ancient, three parts are not sprawling, thoughts to the deeper diffuse back.I like walking in the woods: the spectacular scenery makes one forget many worldly cares and pleasures.③ Walking in the shade of the forest, breathing the fresh air sweeter than honey water looked at the heroic appearance of a tree, can not help but think of a foreign scholar said this meaning: “poetry is the work of our generation of ordinary people, the masterpiece of nature is a tree, a tree is much more beautiful than a poem!”(Peculiar and novel viewpoint, abnormal and common sense, generally used to from tree to poem, from reality into the virtual;Here the author’s feeling that “a tree is much more beautiful than a poem” is refreshing and interesting.You see, some of them are scattered, some are dense, some are pavilion, some are curved, (using parallelism rhetoric, write the beauty of various gestures of trees in the forest, full of praise for trees, just like aesthetic theory).All kinds of trees show all kinds of beauty.Some of the trunks were glossy, others had galls on them, climbing and hanging plants clung to them, and blossomed all the way to the tree-tops.Walking in the shade, sometimes the water drops on your body, maybe it is running down your face, maybe it is straight down your back, refreshing.At such times, I am not at all busy wiping it off, but let it fall quietly, enjoying a rare taste of life in nature.I walked in the forest and felt the beauty of the trees and the refreshing water of the forest.The forest is quiet, but also noisy.(Connect the preceding and the following, transition naturally, display context.)If you look inside, you can spot animals everywhere, a woodpecker pecking at a tree trunk overhead, a chipmunk leaping by, a swarm of long-tailed tits quacking in the open, (” Sometimes…Sometimes…Sometimes……”, the use of parallelism, the use of detail description, the combination of audio and visual, sound and color, dynamic and quiet, write the noisy forest, namely full of vitality.It makes people feel alive.If you look at the trunks and leaves in a forest, you will see that it is almost full of little creatures, all of them busy with their lives, and the variety of fancy varieties is too numerous to count.It is hard to fathom the rich contents of a seemingly peaceful mountain forest;It’s not a sweeping book, it’s a book you’ll never finish, and that’s one reason to love it.(” The forest is a book that will never be finished reading “, skillfully use metaphor, edge scenery is clear, from the natural story of life philosophy.)(4) The forest is full of life and beauty.⑤ Just as there are many gifted men among the fishermen on the seashore, there are often many gifted men in the forest.(The analogy is apt and naturally leads to the following description of the man in the forest.)They can identify the characteristics of various trees, what trees can grow what bacteria, what tree SAP can quench thirst, what tree fruit can satisfy hunger, (using the ratio, spread out, the performance of the mountain wizard power “unique skills”;Here is a brief account of all kinds of people, belong to the combination of point and surface “surface” description.They all know.The old hunters in the northeast dare to go into the deep forest with very simple tools, and are not afraid of hunger or encounter wild animals.The forest was like a storehouse in which they could lay their hands.I was told that in zhangjiajie forest, when a line of tourists starving for food supply is on time, they meet with an old forest, the old man asked why, told you guys don’t have to worry, he can help to solve immediately, then just visible into the forest, only in a few minutes, is holding a basket colourful egg came out.When the tourists were embarrassed and showed that they were not used to eating raw eggs, the old man grinned and said, “There is a way!There’s a way!”He walked into the forest again and soon came out with a hot boiled egg in his hand. He knew where there were eggs in the forest and where there was a hot spring.(The story of the old man in zhangjiajie forest is very readable and interesting;Focusing on the old man, not afraid to splash-ink, heavy ink and heavy color, can be described as a combination of point and surface “point”.Paragraph 5 describes the wonderful people in zhangjiajie forest.⑥ Therefore, every time I go to the woods, I feel great pleasure and satisfaction.Enter a city park, which, though full of flowers, arouses no more than a gentle ripple of joy;But the forest, from the bottom of my heart, is rolling waves.Contrast and metaphor are used to highlight the agitation, happiness and satisfaction of the forest to “my” heart.I used to ask myself: Why does going to the woods excite such deep joy?It’s a complicated feeling, and sometimes more than a few words can explain it.Its air is fresh, free from the crowd;It has a rough beauty and a delicate beauty.Like a vast and profound book, it unfolds before our eyes and makes us completely forget our trivial and disturbing worries for a while.That’s something like that.(Use questions to provoke thought;Then reveal the deep joy that the forest brings to “me”, the beauty of the reality of nature.⑥ (7) The beauty of forests is that the air is fresh and makes people far away from the crowd.Rough beauty, dexterous beauty, rich beauty, etc., to express the love of the forest.⑧ But on closer examination, this is both true and not entirely true.We go to the forest and there is a feeling of attachment because we know, intellectually, that the forest is intimately related to human life.Just think, if the forest is seriously cut down, causing soil erosion and destroying people’s normal life, when we look at the landscape bare hills and rivers are bare, it will be a kind of misfortune!The voice of woodcutter Tintin is not all praiseworthy today.The lush green hills have become Barren hills. Here the author aims to alert people to take care of forests by assuming and predicting dangers.This hypothesis not only has the power to enlightening the deaf, but also reveals the author’s deep thinking. From his love for the deep forest mentioned above, he has risen to the rational thinking of practicing earth ethics and advocating the harmony between man and nature.With this thought, I was able at last to analyse the reason for my joy at entering the great forest.In fact, in addition to appreciating the tranquility, praising the power, appreciating the depth, there is also a kind of happy mood: “there is such a big forest!””What a pleasure to see no destruction!”⑩ When I think about it, I feel immersed in happiness.We hope that the total area of China’s forests will continue to rise gradually in the not too distant future.At that time, we went to the forest to wander, to have fun.By turning from affection to rational thinking, we recognize the close relationship between forests and human life, and reveal the harmony between man and nature.Abas walk in the shade of the forest, sometimes drops of water to your body, perhaps along your cheek flow, perhaps from the back straight down, refreshing.At such times, I am not at all busy wiping it off, but let it fall quietly, enjoying a rare taste of life in nature.Its air is fresh, free from the crowd;It has a rough beauty and a delicate beauty.Like a vast and profound book, it unfolds before our eyes and makes us completely forget our trivial and disturbing worries for a while.