Bian Zhuang zhanshen and Zhao Gongming canonized the sky, rob zunzun defeated Koro, Haotian counteroffensive plan began

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Hello, everyone! I’ve been writing online for ten years.Today is the official work, is a busy day, ten years of hard work, also have no fear, the book friends refueling efforts.Ten years this period of content about bian Zhuang zhanshen and Zhao Gongming’s day, there are challenges to rob zunzun, and even haotian’s counterattack plan.The main characters involved are Fengtian, Haotian and Zhao Gongming.I believe you are familiar with bian Zhuang zhanshen, and I will mention this character again in ten years.He is the first god of war in heaven, is the first man in the sky, once said as the god of the moon can lose the river.His various achievements are there for all to see, is a war also said the past character.It can be seen from the recent content that Bian Zhuang, the god of war, has sealed the heavens and become one of the heavens.But ten years remember Bian Zhuang zhanshen had been stepped on the foot of the phoenix day, was taken from the day peng bell, the battle force is large loss.Even so, Bian Zhuang was now one of the heavenly gods.Now, Zhao Gongming is also officially included in the candidates of the days, ten years feel that as long as he successfully defeated Lei Zu, then the days of his place there must be a place.Xuanyuan ripple came to the battle, Leizu was chicken day cut to half of the body, so this war no suspense, Zhao Gongming should be one of the days of heaven.The venerable King chose to carry the banner when the woman was in danger, when the woman was in seclude, and this is what he must do, otherwise no one in The world of Kunlun can carry the banner.Now, Zhao Gongming is in contention for the position of the heavens, and the emperor of nature can not fall behind.All the readers know that Zhao Gongming’s challenge to Lei Zu is not a universe, but if he succeeds, he will be able to seal the universe.It was Koro who challenged the venerable, but he was the sky, and if he succeeded, he could become a sky.Unfortunately corot was too wily to directly agree to the challenge.Ten years think, although rob zunzun is not reliable, is a false god, but he once broke out of the power of the first world War, I believe that the book friends also see.One punch will huangquan emperor’s coffin overturned, that is an ancestor strong;The war force is all open and the chaos ancestor cloud emperor, dare to face the chaos ancestor, this is the strength.Some book friends joke rob zunzao is a punch superman, ten years think appropriate, indeed so.God and immovable king of the outbreak of boxing, enough to rob zunzao this punch to defeat the infinite.Although Coro is strong, hidden means also have, but there must be some distance from the infinite medium, so it seems that he is really not the enemy of a blow to rob zunzun.There is no doubt that the zunzao will defeat Koro, the key is to see whether Koro will choose to fight, face to face.In addition, there is another important point, that is, Haotian’s counter-attack is about to begin. Originally, the exile of The Emperor fengdu had been the best chance, but now Haotian finally got out and started his counter-attack.Ten years that will be filled in the sky, and under the heaven, concentrated on the strength of the day against the enemy, so see the haotian layout also began.Ten years think Haotian plan should be flat without calm sea, and then war hell, Leizu is haotian shot the first person, about the thunder punishment certainly dare not face the enemy Haotian, so it seems haotian no one can stop.That is my opinion and analysis on the current situation and the future of the decade.Welcome book friends to pay attention to ten years, read together wangu Product fantasy!