In the future, replacement will become the main demand of the property market, replacement should pay attention to these 5 points

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Demand for housing is well known.First, the high housing price makes low-income people withdraw; second, as the main consumer group, the number of post-90s is decreasing; finally, the bad prospect of the property market and the reluctance of real estate investors to enter. These three aspects constantly remind people that the demand for the property market is decreasing.In the future, replacement will become the main demand of the property market, because many people just need to buy a house for the first time, due to the limited economic strength, they bought a small house, with the increase of family population, the house space will be insufficient.Coupled with the improvement of economic level, want to buy a bigger house, such demand is not a minority.When carrying out housing replacement, pay attention to these 5 points.First, to choose a good location to replace the house, the first thing to consider is the problem of the lot, the lot involves the surrounding supporting facilities and traffic.Supporting the main supermarket, hospital, business district, school and so on, of course, these supporting can not be concentrated in a lot, home buyers can choose according to personal needs, choose a suitable lot;In fact, traffic is also very important, not to say that a car can be solved, the car has become a family standard, traffic jam has become the exclusive city, parking will become your headache every day, therefore, it is necessary to have a good traffic environment.Second, can buy the second-hand house since it is replacement, there is no need to consider whether the new house these factors, you can put the second-hand house into consideration.In the replacement, one of the biggest benefits of choosing the second-hand house is to make a field investigation. After the field investigation, we can determine whether the house type is the type we like, and we can also understand the environment and greening of the community. Finally, we can understand the property management of the community.Third, do not choose too large house replacement one purpose is to choose a bigger house, but pay attention to is, do not choose too large a house.There are two disadvantages. First, if the area is too large, the house will be too empty, and there will be a cold feeling to live in it.Second, the area is too large, which means that the cost of the house increases, and the practicality of the house is not high, practicality is not high but also increase economic pressure, completely unnecessary.Fourth, carefully choose the method to beat the price of cheap, large area, good location, can be said to be the best choice for replacement.But the law has a very important disadvantage is difficult to vacate the room, which is decided by the nature of the law.Foreclosure room because the property right person unable to repay debts and was forced by the court auction house, general this kind of person with this suite, redundant property would have sold to repay the debt, if the owner is willing to make room also compare save trouble, but also need to wait for homeowners that rent a house to move, if the owner is not willing to make room, the dispute will be your new life, even may apply to the court for compulsory execution,But it also takes a long time.Therefore, the choice of law patted housing must be cautious.Fifth, as soon as possible to replace the current housing market down, most of the city’s housing prices have fallen.In this case, the substitution would be faster.This is because the house that you want to replace, no matter be lot or living environment, etc. should be better than the house that live now, corresponding value preservation sex also will be a few better, return can appreciate even.The more house prices fall, the more the replacement gap will be.