Jia Chunlei and his “Green Dream”

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Jia Chunlei is an ordinary farmer of Sangguan Village, Yangjiao Township, Tang County, Hebei Province.Those who know him well say that he is a man who can do things, who can do things, who can do things.From 2006 to the present ten years, he achieved the green industry by the new recruit to the industry dark horse change.Both the way of land preparation, planting mode and the quality of afforestation have been praised by leaders at all levels and cadres and the masses, making outstanding contributions to greening and beautifying their hometown and helping to fight poverty.Study diligently good drill, from layman change expert inside hand Jia Chunlei to go to Shanxi to work since 2006 begin to contact afforestation, with it become indissolving predestination.Although not a subject, but he “do a line love a line”, and “diligent, willing to work, love pondering”.From the way of land preparation to planting mode, from the selection of tree species to planting skills and methods, every step and every link are not easily let go.He doesn’t learn. He doesn’t ask.So rely on a drill strength and tenacity, quickly from “layman” into “expert”, become a green industry dark horse.In 2017, he registered and established “Baoding Xingsen Greening Engineering Co., LTD.” and served as the chairman of the board.In 2018, he obtained his landscape engineer qualification certificate.Now, his afforestation team has become a small well-known inside and outside the industry to fight poverty brand afforestation professional team.Over the years, he has won many honorary titles such as “model of afforestation” in Yangquan City of Shanxi Province, “Afforestation Medal” in Hebei Province, and Advanced Individual of Afforestation in Tang County.In 307 double line on both sides of the mountain greening project implementation, he led the implementation of the bidding section won the Yangquan City high quality project award.Innovative practice, “dare” is a kind of courage, “for” is a kind of practice, “the world first” is a kind of transcendence.As early as in the environmental restoration and greening work of Shanxi Coal Transportation and Marketing Group, he tried to sow the green in the right spot, using the inclined SLATE in the pit to collect rainwater into the hole, thus playing a “runoff collection” effect, setting a benchmark for local afforestation.After returning to his hometown in 2016 to start his own business, he adhered to the development concept of “dare to be the first in the world” and completed the planting of 600 mu of walnut in the rainy season by using the methods of sticky pulp and root powder, with a survival rate of 97%, which created a successful precedent for the planting of broadleaf trees in the rainy season in Hebei Province.In 2020, in the afforestation construction of Beida Yang Village, Dayang Township, Tang County, while completing the traditional rainy season planting container seedlings, he first tried to use the method of “root powder + inhibitory liquid” to plant apricot bare-root seedlings successfully in the rainy season, with a survival rate of more than 85%, which was highly recognized by the leaders of the provincial Forestry and Grass Bureau.In the spring of 2016, Jia Chunlei went back to his hometown to do some work. Seeing his fellow villagers who were still scraping food from the land and struggling on the edge of poverty, he felt a huge shock.After much thought, he resolutely decided to go back to his hometown to start a business, greening his hometown, and lead the villagers to get rich together towards a well-off society.Jia Chunlei’s idea, get county forestry branch to support vigorously.”Said to do”, he immediately set about setting up a professional afforestation team, and priority to absorb the village and the surrounding deep poor villages have the ability to work and the willingness of the registered poor households, priority arrangement of poor households to participate in afforestation construction.According to incomplete statistics, he completed a total of 28,000 mu of afforestation in key projects from 2016 to 2021, and 117 registered poor households were lifted out of poverty through afforestation.They can increase their annual income from labor services by several thousand yuan or more.Some of them built new houses, some mortgages to buy apartments, some buy cars and so on.Under his radiation and the guidance of the county forestry department, the county has emerged 36 anti-poverty professional afforestation team, covering 452 poor households.They have been active in the battle of ecological poverty alleviation all year round, and have achieved long-term and stable income increase through continuous participation in afforestation.According to incomplete statistics, from 2018 to 2021, they participated in the implementation of key afforestation projects in Tang County of 156,000 mu, with an average income of more than 5,500 yuan.The ecological environment around the West Ocean Reservoir, both sides of the Tang River, both sides of the highway, the scenic area and the county has been significantly improved.Pay attention to detail, scale demonstration effect good afforestation is a meticulous work.Land preparation, excavation, planting, management and protection, which link did not do well, will affect the overall quality of afforestation.”If you don’t do anything, do it first class.”This is Jia Chunlei’s style.In the implementation of the project, from preparing the ground to dig pits, rely on cultivating wood board or base stone outside along the children, seedlings transfer, to planting, planting after watering every link, he will carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, the next foot embroidery kung fu, and strive to do every detail acme.Can say, afforestation project carries out to where, he sets up high-quality goods project, model model where.Only since 2017, Baoding afforestation site observation meeting has been held three times in his contracted construction plot.In 2019, more than 4,200 mu of trees were planted in the tangxian section of the Laiqu Expressway in Wangeryu, Xiachishui and Tazigou during the rainy season.From 2020 to 2021, more than 5,000 mu of land will be planted in the mozishan area of Lingshan Town, Quyang section of the Laiqu Expressway.In 2021, in the Yinfang area of the Laiqu High-speed Laiyuan section, 2,000 mu of Platycladus and Pinus tabulaefolia container seedlings will be planted in the rainy season.Now, driving on the Laiqu Highway, looking far and wide, rows of fish scale pits along the contour line is “product” shape arrangement, white forest board or stone lined fish scale pits along the scattered Mosaic on the hillside, become a beautiful landscape.The cypress planted in Tang County in 2019 is growing well, with a tree height of about 1.5 meters.”Afforestation has only a beginning and no end.As the country’s ecological construction enters a new normal, the road will become wider and my green dream will gradually become a reality.”Jia Chunlei said firmly.(Yu Yufen)