Qingzhou city: Promote credit construction by association, compose a new chapter of “Xinmei Qingzhou”

2022-04-30 0 By

In order to better promote the city’s social credit system construction work, give full play to the role of mass organizations, constantly improve the city’s enterprise credit management level, promote the healthy and orderly development of enterprises, create a good social credit environment.Recently, The Development and reform Bureau of Qingzhou city has visited a number of key municipal, high-quality enterprises, in-depth understanding of the development of enterprises, actively listen to the opinions of enterprises, to establish a solid foundation for the credit association.Qingzhou city credit association will be preparing the establishment, deepening perfecting social credit system construction in the city, to apply to the association of the enterprise, for docking, understand the current development situation, enterprises to ensure the membership enterprise without faithless, has extensive representative, to carry forward the spirit of honest and trustworthy, based on the “staff, support and service” role,Thus boosting the city’s government integrity, business integrity, social integrity and judicial credibility construction work, to build integrity qingzhou contribution.Next, through the establishment of the credit association, and further explore establishing effective involved in credit system construction of long-term mechanism, to build communication platform between the government departments and enterprises, further improve the level of enterprise credit management, promote to build and trustworthy incentive disciplinary credit environment, boosting the city’s social credit system construction to a new level,Contribute credit power to the new rise of the millennium ancient city.Edit: Yu Yishan Review: Wang Jingjing