Why is northern Jiangxi the richest region in Jiangxi Province?

2022-04-30 0 By

Why is northern Jiangxi the richest region in Jiangxi Province?Northern Jiangxi province is the industrial town of Jiangxi Province, is the fastest economic development of jiangxi province, jiangxi province is a major tax city.Take a look at the industrial revenue and profit of various cities in Jiangxi province in 2021.Nanchang and Jiujiang’s industrial revenue accounted for one third of the entire jiangxi province’s industrial revenue, especially jiujiang’s industrial profit reached 706.03 billion yuan, ranked the first in Jiangxi province, and surpassed Nanchang’s more than 30 billion yuan.Nanchang and Jiujiang account for 60 percent of jiangxi’s industrial profits.It created a lot of wealth for Jiangxi province and solved a lot of employment in Jiangxi Province.Therefore, Jiangxi province should continue to develop the integration of Chang and Jiujiang, continue to develop Nanchang and Jiujiang two cities, and vigorously develop Ganjiang New Area.This is the future of Jiangxi Province.Because here is poyang Lake plain area, water, land and air transportation developed, and has the old industrial base, population density is large, so the economic development of northern Jiangxi province determines the economic development of Jiangxi Province.Therefore, the development of Jiangxi province must not go to the direction of gannan development, where the large mountain gully, easy to take jiangxi economic development to the gully.South Jiangxi can develop modern agriculture, or light industry, modern technology heavy industry still depends on north Jiangxi development.What do you think?