Young strong Xiao Hua, 13 years old as the secretary of the county party committee, 18 years old when the minister, outstanding achievements, 39 years old into the general

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Young people are the emerging power of our country. Only by vigorously cultivating young people can we inject more fresh blood into the future of our country and promote the sustainable development of China. Xiao Hua is such an excellent youth representative.Xiao Hua was born in 1916. His father was an ordinary farmer in Jiangxi Province. In his spare time, Xiao Hua’s father did some craftsman work to ensure that his family could afford food and clothing.Xiao’s father was not highly educated, but years of life experience made him realize that only a strong country can make people happy, so Xiao’s father became a member of the Agricultural Association.To help the organization, Xiao’s father volunteered to put the station in his home.Under the influence of his father, Xiao Hua successfully embarked on the revolutionary road. When he was at school, he was very concerned about the development of the Communist Party of China and kept the purposes and objectives of the Party in mind. From then on, he was determined to join the Communist Party of China and strive for the construction of a new China.In the counter-revolutionary coup, Xiao Hua’s parents were killed by kuomintang reactionaries, and his parents, who had led him all the way forward, died, leaving Xiao Hua alone.Later, Xiao kept his thoughts of his parents deep in his heart and devoted himself to his work.In 1928, Xiao joined the Communist Youth League.When Xiao was less than 13 years old, the Party established a training class for cadres to train a large number of grassroots cadres to manage local areas. Although xiao was young, he became one of the first members of the training class with strong personal ability and firm belief.During his studies, Xiao improved his management skills, graduated qualified, and served as secretary of the Xingguo Communist Youth League county Committee at the age of 13.Under Xiao’s leadership, the number of Xingguo league members doubled, which served as good publicity and expanded the influence of the CPC.XiaoHua outstanding work ability is valued by the chairman MAO in 1930, XiaoHua first saw chairman MAO, after that long talk, XiaoHua praise with chairman MAO, and gave it to rong-hua luo, personally XiaoHua has certain military talent, and hard work the day after tomorrow, as soon as the minister, fifth counter-campaign against “encirclement and suppression” after the war, as the division commissar Sheldon silver,Led the troops to perform extraordinary feats, at that time, Xiao Hua was only 18 years old.Xiao Hua is too young, in the army happened a lot of fun, work, Xiao Hua seriously responsible, combat experience, he accepted his father’s education, political consciousness is high, good at the army soldiers do ideological work, improve the overall political accomplishment of the army, fully capable of political commissar.In life, Xiao Hua is kind, among the troops, there are many older soldiers than Xiao Hua, Xiao Hua respect them very much, without a bit of official AIRS.As a result, the young commander was often misunderstood as an ordinary soldier.Once, the party organization arranged a guard for Xiao Hua, named Wu Zonghan, Wu Zonghan had been a guard for many military leaders, including Chairman MAO among them, wu Zonghan arranged beside Xiao Hua, visible party organization attaches importance to Xiao Hua.XiaoHua zong-han wu has never seen, not know XiaoHua features, his head is full of curiosity, for the young to the army to find XiaoHua reported for the first time, he ask a small army of friendly XiaoHua head home, behold, the little red army is the chief – XiaoHua zong-han wu are looking for, little red army immediately replied: “I am”.This answer let Wu zonghan stunned, after a long time to recover.In 1948, Xiao Hua and Xiao Jingguang partner, achieved a victory, the peaceful liberation of Shenyang, the title ceremony, Xiao Hua is the youngest founding general, the people have high hopes for him, in the process of the construction of the motherland, Xiao Hua also served as vice chairman of the CPPCC, made a great contribution to the construction of the motherland.Finally, Xiao Hua replaced his parents to successfully complete the revolutionary cause, became a generation of famous generals, his deeds will be handed down forever, immortal in the long river of history.