How to let Wuling “one alone” minicar market will join two new friends

2022-05-01 0 By

The success of Wuling Hongguang MINI EV has attracted numerous competitors, just like the old saying “big trees catch the wind”. First, there was the first pursuit of QQ ice cream, and now there is the strong attack of MINI EV and Lingbao Uni. Is the “spring” coming in the MINI car market?Wuling Hongguang MINI EV must be known to everyone. Since its launch in Chengdu Auto Show in July 2020, the majority of consumers are more willing to call it “Maicai Car” and “Laotoule” due to its starting price of 28,800 yuan and its small size.However, Wuling seems not to like this kind of words, so it repeatedly marketed Hongguang MINI EV as a fashionable model. It is not difficult to see from the subsequent macaron, year of the Tiger limited dress and other models that the target group it sets does have a young attribute.According to earlier in 2021, the domestic new energy hot models ranking, macro light MINI EV with 390000 vehicles in the first place, to know the domestic SUV sales has been hogging the harvard H6, 370400 vehicles last year, so proud achievements unavoidable cause envy of other car companies, therefore in the New Year, MINI market will usher in two new friends,Scenery MINI EV and Lingbao Uni, below, we have a brief understanding of it.First of all, let’s talk about the Scenery MINI EV. This car and Hongguang MINI EV adopt a relatively similar overall design of Founder, with straight lines, making it look very simple.At the bottom of the closed net, the new car adds rough line decoration, making the front face like a “facial mask” to enhance the recognition.On the side of the car, you can see designer tricks, such as low-drag rims, which add style and reduce drag to a certain extent.In addition, the length/width/height of the new car is 2995/1495/1640mm, and the wheelbase is 1960mm. Compared with the 2920/1493/1621mm and 1940mm of hongguang MINI EV, it has been significantly lengthened and increased, and this size more or less increases the comfort of the driver and passenger.Interior decoration, Scenery MINI EV design and Honglight MINI EV are similar, in addition to the air conditioning outlet is not quite the same, the layout of the physical keys is similar, and in the high matching models, full LCD instrument with suspended central control screen, as well as the knob type air conditioning control, also let the new car in improving the convenience at the same time, increase some sense of science and technology.Of course, in a three-door, four-seater minicar, the second row is clearly used more as storage space.For power system, according to the earlier declaration information, new car will pick up the biggest 25 kilowatts of single motor, as for life and battery information, officials did not disclose personal guess its range can’t more than 200 km, after all, the car is small, can hold the battery is not too big, I’m afraid, and product positioning, the best is to meet daily city travel instead of walking.Let’s talk about the second car, Lingbao Uni. It is a mini car under the brand of Jimai Automobile. The new car has just been registered on the list of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.From the perspective of styling design, the new car also takes a lovely young route, unlike the scenery MINI EV, it does not have too much decoration, to tell the truth, it is definitely a worthy “buy vegetables car”.According to the information declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the length/width/height of the new car is 2930/1517/1620mm, and the wheelbase is 1940mm, obviously trying to grab the rice bowl of hongguang MINI EV.As for power, the car will be equipped with an electric motor with a maximum power of 20 kilowatts. Although the battery life and battery information are not disclosed, it is clear from the public information that the battery uses a lithium iron phosphate power battery from Guoxon High-tech, which has a slow charge time of 7-9 hours.In addition, the Lingbao Uni uses front disc and rear drum braking, front: Macpherson independent suspension/rear: integral bridge non-independent suspension, rear rear drive power layout.To the end: although many car companies like to give small cars young shape, but low price and small figure, as well as no comfort at all configuration, so that small cars are still difficult to escape the “buy vegetable car” reputation.However, looking at the essence of the phenomenon, I think the arrival of these two cars may be partly due to the fact that HONGguang MINI EV does not want to be “alone”. However, from the perspective of the whole domestic automobile consumption market, MINI cars are actually more like additional products to help car enterprises cope with the double integral policy.