Winter training | this assessment has a look!

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Du…Du du du…”Accompanied by a rush of emergency gathering whistle sound, a nervous and orderly combat readiness pull quickly launched…January 24 to 26, Gansu Province forest fire brigade special forces closely organized “New Year cup” stage assessment.The aim is to fully test the effect of recent winter training, further improve the physical quality of all firefighters, and effectively lay a solid foundation for the construction of “sharp knife” and “fist” fighting capacity of the team.The assessment is divided into individual and group events, with 18 contents in three categories of intelligence, physical fitness and skills. Individual subjects are theory, 3,000m, 100m, push-ups, supine leg lift, supine belly curl, horizontal bars one and two exercises, basic knot and equipment operation comprehensive drill.The group subjects are 10km relay, 1000m swimming relay, pump erection and withdrawal, combat readiness pull, warm-up exercises, 100m “two people three feet”.The assessment standards of all subjects are strictly in accordance with the relevant requirements of The “Education and Training Outline of Forest Fire Brigade” and the “Education and Training Outline of Special Rescue Teams”, and are organized and implemented in the way of competition and over-standard assessment.It was the middle of winter, the snow was falling in the cold wind, but in the assessment field, everyone’s refueling, Shouting wave after wave, all the firefighters were full of spirit, courager, high morale into the assessment.They strictly abide by the assessment discipline, constantly challenge themselves, successfully completed the assessment of all subjects, a comprehensive display of the new era of fire and rescue personnel hard training results and high spirit.After the assessment, the team published the assessment results in time, made comments on the problems in the assessment, and formulated training plans and carried out intensive training for the members with weak quality.Next, the team will be in the periodic inspection as an opportunity to seriously sum up experience, make up for a lack of short board, consummate the training mechanism, continue to push the big training works carried out to the deep winter, to ensure that the practice a special quality of political thought, professional quality special good, combat style special excellent cross-regional comprehensive rescue mobile team.