Wuxi chengguan “Wash roads by rain”

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It is the best thing for a person to recognize and correct his mistakes when he makes them.Wuxi urban management will sprinkler sprinkler in rainy day explained as “rain hair force” “rain wash road”, may be for the rigid assessment system and defend.Saving water not only includes saving water resources, such as wetland protection, but also saving the use of water, such as sprinkling and dust removal.Common sense of life tells ordinary people rainy days will not sprinkle dust;The purpose of the city sprinkler is to remove dust, or wash the road, it is related to the problem of water conservation.Road washing can be found in daily life. For example, when the road surface is polluted, the road is washed by polluters or others.Washing road is not often, the reason is that the cost of washing road is too high, for example, the purpose of the western developed countries sprinkler is not to wash the road.The purpose of dust removal is to prevent dust.Cities might clean up by flushing the dust down the drain;In terms of the function of the sprinkler, it may not yet have, the function of the sprinkler is mainly to prevent dust.In Our country, the concept of water saving has been formed, the city rainy day sprinkling water has broken through the imagination of ordinary people performance assessment in order to promote the state organs and other organizations to perform their duties, the government, or superior business departments usually issued performance assessment targets.For example, urban management may assign daily sprinkling tasks to the pigging house;For example, urban management may check the performance of cleaners by checking the number of cigarette butts on the road.Performance assessment is justified, but it needs to be determined according to specific circumstances. For example, water consumption in pigging may be an assessment indicator, and whether daily watering is needed needs to be determined according to specific circumstances.The same is true for the number of cigarette butts on the road. The time of cigarette butts left on the road should be the indicator or data of the assessment, not the number of cigarette butts.Performance appraisal is also about crime and non-crime.Criminal cases also have performance, multiple theft can evaluation for theft, but the judiciary cannot be simply interpreted as “three times” for many times, for example, the behavior of people’s life have forced many theft of little value commodities can’t evaluation for theft, the necessity of the criminal responsibility shall be investigated for multiple theft is: the amount of theft close to relatively large.In judicial practice, river sand mining is usually identified as illegal mining crime. For example, nine defendants in Shanghai who illegally mined nearly 20,000 tons of fine sand from the Yangtze River were sentenced to imprisonment ranging from three years and six months to six months;The “extra fine sand” in the river channel is not usually formed naturally, but is scoured and precipitated by the current, and its name varies.According to the provisions of the “Mineral Resources Law”, the construction sand included in the classification of mineral resources in this law must be natural quartz sand can be investigated for the criminal responsibility of illegal mining;The extra-fine sand in the river is not naturally formed, so the criminal responsibility may be questionable.Article 39 of the Water Law applies a permit system for sand mining in river courses, and Article 77 of this Law specifically stipulates legal liability for violating the permit system, that is, the administrative punishment for violating the provisions of the relevant regulations on sand mining in river courses shall be prescribed by The State Council.Perhaps because of the performance appraisal system, most judicial personnel can not accurately identify the nature of river sand mining, and think that river sand mining constitutes the crime of illegal mining.Wuxi “by rain to wash the road” evaluation of rainy day sprinkling water is not an individual phenomenon, other cities have it.Can certainly think that the rainy day sprinkler is a waste of water resources, but wuxi city management why to explain for “rain wash road”?The main reason is that the urban management staff do not know the function of the sprinkler, or the purpose of the sprinkler, only know the assessment indicators, for example, the water consumption of the sprinkler may be the assessment indicators.Indicators, although important, need to be consistent with the actual situation. For example, in extremely cold weather, sprinkling may not be possible every day, and sprinkling may freeze and affect people’s access.Wuxi is a wealthy part of China, but probably not rich enough to wash roads;To “rain” “rain washed the road” reason for rigid assessment system, some of its reasons appear “pale”.If you can correct your mistakes, it’s no big deal.Save resources by not sprinkling water on rainy days.It is better to know than to correct