Xiangtan City actively promote teachers to “reduce the burden” work summary

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Yuetang District Bureau of Education to carry out staff fun games, ease the pressure of the staff.(the correspondent Liu ke can be taken) to let the teachers “lighter” – xiangtan city actively promote the students’ work in xiangtan daily all media reporter zhong-hua xiao “recently,” consolidate out of poverty, help the country revitalization “and the national civilized city to review the two center work, almost no township first-line teachers,This is a big step forward in promoting teachers to concentrate on teaching and educating others, as well as making the campus quiet and teachers clean.”End of the year at the beginning of the year, talk about teachers “reduce the burden” of the changes and the results obtained, Xiangtan County Huashi town central school teachers gratified feelings overflow in words.Since last year, according to the central, provincial unified deployment, Xiangtan city under a big determination, great effort, a hard measure for the majority of teachers “reduce the burden”, on the basis of a comprehensive investigation to grasp the first-hand information, multi-department linkage issued a series of measures, achieved gratifying results.By the end of last year, school inspections, assessments and evaluations had been cut by more than half, greatly reducing the burden on schools and teachers.How heavy is the burden of teachers?How heavy is it?In the second half of 2021, the relevant leaders of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision will take the lead to deeply listen to the voice of the majority of teachers in each school face to face and understand the truth of the burden of teachers.A teacher in charge of a class has a hard time dealing with social issues.For example, the installation of anti-fraud App, national firefighting learning, the purchase of rural cooperative medical insurance, the installation of “one thing at a time” program, the attention of the public account, etc.We think these social issues should be relegated to the grid management of the community and village departments, rather than the head teacher telling parents to complete these tasks that have nothing to do with education.””Whether it is the school administrator or the head teacher, they are busy with all kinds of materials, they are busy with all kinds of inspections, they are busy with all kinds of training, they are busy with all kinds of forms.Inspections at all levels happen every three days. Many inspections are conducted without notice or arrangement of specific inspection standards and items, and are only issued one or two days before the inspection.””In the past two years, I have been in charge of safety work. Last semester, I had more than 10 inspectors from all levels. Every time I came, I had to prepare different materials and adjust my escorts.In winter and summer holidays, National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, a security guard, an administrative staff and a teacher should be on duty at the school to meet the inspection at any time.””Students get vaccinated on weekends, and a teacher has to be assigned to each class, and school administrators have to be assigned to maintain order.Of course, these are special times and we all understand that.”…On the basis of a detailed understanding of the pain points and difficulties of teachers, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision issued a “Discipline Inspection Proposal” to the Municipal Bureau of Education in early December 2021. The Municipal Bureau of Education took immediate action and established a leading group of teachers’ burden reduction work with the secretary of the Party Committee of the bureau and the director as the leader, and other bureau leading group members.Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection supervision commission in the city education Bureau discipline inspection group to support, launched a series of supervision and inspection.Municipal Bureau of Education teachers to reduce the burden of work leading group in the form of specialized classes, in-depth schools in each county (city) district to carry out a comprehensive survey of the burden of teachers.The survey found that the burden of teachers is indeed like a cow’s hair, must be quickly changed, major change, rectification, severe change.”If the people’s teachers, who are responsible for the important task of moral education, are physically and mentally deformed under the heavy burden, how can we manage education that the people are satisfied with?”City education bureau main person in charge introduction.”Take out specific measures and pay attention to the effectiveness of rectification.”The city education bureau actively responded to the voice of teachers and concerns, developed a series of rectification measures.In our interview, we found that the 2021 education supervision and evaluation rules have added a provision for teachers to reduce their burdens, requiring all localities to “implement the Hunan Provincial List of Primary and secondary school Teachers to reduce their burdens”, which has significantly reduced the burden of primary and secondary school teachers.Starting from 2021, teachers’ burden reduction will be included in the evaluation of county-level governments’ performance of education duties, according to an introduction from the municipal Education Bureau.In the annual evaluation of the city people’s government, the county people’s government and the main leading cadres of the county party and government to fulfill their educational responsibilities, the burden reduction work of primary and secondary school teachers is included in the assessment rules for evaluation.The retention lists of primary and secondary schools and teachers’ supervision, inspection, assessment and evaluation and the retention lists of social affairs entering schools are issued.The Municipal Education Bureau carefully sorted out 65 items of supervision, inspection, assessment and evaluation of primary and secondary schools and teachers in 2020, which were reduced to 32 items on the basis of soliciting opinions, a reduction rate of 50.77%.24 items of social affairs declared by various departments were reviewed, and 20 items of social affairs entered the campus of primary and secondary schools were confirmed.In the middle of December 2021, the city bureau of education issued “about further to relieve primary and secondary school teachers is not reasonable burden rectification work notice, request further streamline any files, meeting, establish supervision inspection comparison and assessment of annual plan and approve BaoBeiZhi degrees, xiangtan education information platform, establishing and using unified control external factors interfere with the school education teaching,We will strictly regulate the behavior of primary and secondary school teachers.On December 7, 2021, the city bureau of education issued notice to further standardize the elementary and middle schools “into the campus” activities, “into the campus” activity in middle and primary schools around the strict audit checks, standardize the procedures of implementation, strict supervision and management, strengthen the leadership, standard “into the campus” activities, to build the whole society to understand and support the good environment of school education work,To ensure that school teachers at ease in teaching, education.The city bureau of education related person in charge said that the city bureau of education on each semester of the opening of the work involving many departments of the inspection, shall be merged, do not make multiple multiple inspection, effectively reduce the school reception pressure.”As educators, we feel very warm.” “The shift from ‘reducing the burden’ for students to ‘reducing the burden’ for teachers fully shows that the Party and the government attach great importance to education.The introduction of a series of policies and follow-up measures well respond to parents, teachers and the public about education “urgent and anxious” urgent problems to be solved.As educators, we feel very warm!”Xiangtan county a village teacher said deeply feeling.The city education bureau related person in charge of the introduction, teachers “reduce the burden” is a long-term work, the city education bureau will establish a long-term mechanism, will carry out this public project to the end.Focus on establishing long-term mechanism and implementation of easing the burden on primary and secondary school teachers: reduce the supervision inspection comparison testing mechanism to create items, building to plan as a whole specification mechanism, social affairs into campus building to plan as a whole specification streamline related report to fill in work mechanism, building to plan as a whole specification transferred to borrow from primary and secondary school teachers working mechanism, strengthen lighten the burden of primary and secondary school teachers organization guarantee mechanism is established.At present, the Municipal Education Bureau has issued the “Notice of the CPC Xiangtan Municipal Education Leading Group on Submitting the annual Plan for supervision, Inspection, Evaluation and Assessment of Primary and secondary Schools and Teachers in 2022”, and started the report and approval work of the supervision, inspection, evaluation and assessment of primary and secondary schools and teachers in 2022 and social affairs in the campus.Xiangtan city is starting to develop primary and secondary schools, teachers supervision, inspection, evaluation and assessment and social affairs in the campus report and approval implementation measures, has started to improve and improve the evaluation mechanism of primary and secondary school teachers, the development of scientific evaluation of teachers, at the same time will further improve the professional title evaluation mechanism of primary and secondary school teachers.At the same time, at the end of the year, Xiangtan city strengthened the supervision of the implementation of compulsory education stage teachers’ salaries, and urged the payment of compulsory education teachers’ performance awards totaling 10.912 million yuan, ensuring that the average wage income level of compulsory education stage teachers is not lower than the average wage income level of local civil servants.City education bureau related person in charge said, under the strong leadership of the Municipal party committee and the municipal government, Xiangtan City will actively launch educational talent incentive mechanism.We will establish a training mechanism for educational talents, implement the “Three Talents Project”, build a platform for professional development of teachers, strengthen moral honor, professional development, education and scientific research, education brand, professional titles of talents, care, care and encouragement.It is planned to issue the Implementation Plan of Education Care and Incentive Mechanism in Xiangtan City to further implement the treatment of teachers, reduce the burden of primary and secondary school teachers, increase the publicity of respecting teachers and valuing education, create an atmosphere of respecting teachers and valuing education, and stimulate teachers’ enthusiasm for work.”The tide is wide, the wind is a sail hanging.”Under the wind of spring breeze, after “lightening the burden” and “loosening the tie”, the people’s teachers will walk on the platform with a relaxed and comfortable mood, forging ahead and making new achievements for the education that the people are satisfied with.>> Return to xiangtan online home page