As party secretary of Zhejiang province, he treated power equally and arrested the son of a major general

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Worldly wisdom this word, it can be said is to carry out all aspects of our life.However, if the term is used in official circles, it can have a very bad effect.However, our country has a cadre, unselfish, even if the illegal is his own son, also absolutely not appeased, but will be arrested him personally, he is once held the post of Zhejiang provincial party secretary Tie Ying.Tie Ying was born in Henan province in 1919. His family was relatively wealthy, so He could receive orthodox education from his childhood.In middle school, Tie ying was introduced to communism and joined the Communist Youth League.In 1937, he was sent to work in the Northwest.During this period, Tieying’s work ability is outstanding, the task is completed very well, was approved to become a glorious communist party member.In 1939, Tie Ying was recommended to the Anti-japanese Military and political University, and also graduated with excellent results, became the logistics support staff of our party.In 1940, Tie Ying became a secretary of the Shandong local Party school and commissar of the military district police force.Because of his outstanding working ability, Tie Ying was awarded the rank of major general after the founding of New China.In 1977, Tie Ying was transferred to Zhejiang province as secretary of the Provincial Party Committee.At that time, China’s economic system reform is the period, according to the great development situation at that time, combined with the actual situation of Zhejiang Province, Tie Ying presided over the establishment of China’s first joint venture and the first non-public economic promotion pilot zone, greatly promoted the economic development of Zhejiang Province.As Tie Ying was originally a military officer, it was inevitable that he would take some inappropriate actions as secretary of the provincial Party Committee. Some of his cadres even said that he was not fit to participate in political affairs.Tie Ying know these, and there is no opponent of the people under retaliation, but is greatly square to admit their shortcomings.Later, when reporting to the central government, Tie Ying offered to dismiss her official post and find a more suitable person to return to the army.He was put out of his mind by several leaders enumerating his achievements during his tenure.On one occasion, Marshal Ye Jianying went to Zhejiang Province to investigate, after seeing Tie Ying, told Tie Ying should understand the grassroots people’s needs, in-depth grassroots, combined with the actual situation, and then make a decision.After that, Tie Ying listened to Marshal Ye Jianying’s guidance, went to each county in Zhejiang province to understand the needs of the people.Sometimes when she could not arrange a place to live, Tie Ying would sleep in the local government building without the AIRS of a provincial party secretary.In 1980, someone reported to the central government that some businessmen were taking advantage of preferential economic policies given by the government to disrupt the market.After the central government knew this, several people were arrested and interrogated immediately.After tieying knew this news, also launched an investigation.After the visit of Tieying investigation, found that these businessmen are not drilling loopholes in the law, malicious disruption of the market, true is wronged the good man, they took their own evidence to find central dialectical.Later, a special investigation team set up by the central government found that the results of the tieying investigation were indeed general, and several businessmen were released.Later, Tie Ying also paid compensation to several businessmen to appease the people.Treat illegal people, no matter who tie Ying, even if he is the son of major general, also absolutely not let go of the founding major General Xiong Yingtang’s two sons, because his father is busy and mother connived, character is very pampered, and by his father is major general, lawlessness, often commit evil.Many people in the government, due to the status of Major General Xiong Yingtang, treat the two are also a blind eye, dare not pursue responsibility.Tie Ying knew after furious, personally with the public security department, xiong Yingtang’s two sons arrested back.Later, Tie Ying also reflected this situation to the central government, the central government is very appreciative of his practice.Local people know the practice of Tie Ying, tie ying is also very praise.In 1993, due to her age, Tie Ying was not in good health and asked the central government to resign and go home to recuperate.In 2009, his condition deteriorated and he died at the age of 93.Tie Ying’s life, busy, in its position to seek its politics, no matter that a job, are to do their best to complete.Point out your mistakes to others and acknowledge them generously as a warning.In the face of power, he was not afraid of it, regardless of his birth and position.He is an excellent cadre!