Beijing Parks and Scenic spots received 459,000 visitors on February 1

2022-05-02 0 By

China News Network Beijing, February 2(Xu Jing) The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscaping, the first day of the first lunar month (February 1), Beijing key monitoring parks and scenic spots received 459,000 tourists, 17.51% less than the same day last year (556,000 people in 2021).There are 9 parks and scenic spots in the city that have received more than 10,000 tourists, among which the Summer Palace has received the most visitors, up to 35,000.With the arrival of the Spring Festival holiday, a large number of citizens in the blessing of the auspicious at the same time out of the house, to all over the city’s parks and scenic spots to visit, experience the festive atmosphere, and family and friends to share the joy of the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival.According to statistics, on February 1, the number of visitors to Beijing’s public parks was 172,000, the number of visitors to urban parks was 186,000, and the number of visitors to suburban parks was 101,000.There are 9 parks and scenic spots in the city that receive more than 10,000 tourists, among which the Summer Palace attracts 35,000 visitors, the Temple of Heaven Park 27,000, Beihai Park 17,000, and Yuyuantan Park 16,000.For capital citizens with colorful culture life, let people in Beijing have a happy and peaceful holiday, health and safety, Beijing launched 32 park flower show, popular science propaganda, ice and snow games such as 83 activity (49 a cultural activity, 34) ice activities, provide NianWeiEr sheer variety choice, meet the demand of citizen tourist festival diversity.In order to prevent and control the epidemic, Beijing’s parks and scenic spots will strictly implement the requirements of “limiting, reserving and off-peak”, strengthen control of entrance areas, implement epidemic prevention grid management and prevent clustering.At the same time, it will continue to strengthen real-time monitoring and take measures such as remote dredging, one-way sightseeing and short-time flow to prevent large passenger flows from gathering.In addition, the parks and scenic areas have also carried out preferential treatment for the elderly and other special groups of convenience services, to facilitate the elderly tourists to enter the park quickly.The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscaping reminds tourists to make travel plans in advance and prepare for their own protection and cold weather.Cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control measures, pay attention to the temporary opening and closing of parks, and spend a safe and happy Spring Festival holiday together.(after)