Push three ghostkill with humanity, through the ghostkill world, get the god system, to the peak of life

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Hello everyone, very happy to meet you here, I hope the fans of xiaobian can continue to support, xiaobian will be more careful to bring you more excellent works, today xiaobian continue to recommend good novels to fans, minutes to let fans see addicted friends don’t sleep!If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!# Today xiaobian to recommend to you: strong push three ghostout fan fiction, through the ghostout world, get the god-level system, to the peak of life first book: “The Heavens and the Universe from the Ghostout Blade” author: Unknown Stars Introduction:The beginning of a ghost knife, from the world of the ghost blade, in the world of ghosts eating people, people cut ghosts, the traveler Bai Yu signed a contract with ghosts and gods, become beyond the existence of ghosts.Into the pit guide: not dead sichuan Hemi also did not expect white plume so severe, this thought to block his raid is a coincidence, to do not think behind the offensive, white plume actually can partake of live.Although Simya unkawa did not use the move, hakuba did not use the move either.And, not dead kawagawa Simi can feel the breath of white plume is very smooth, without any disorder, a look is not using out.Of course, no death Kawagawa Shimya also did not use full strength, just a simple ordinary attack on Hakuba.Test out white feather and spare power, not dead Chuan Solid mi is also excited Shouting up: “devil, it seems that your strength is very confident!That I will see you in the end have a few catties a few two!”Say that finish, not dead Chuan Shi mi immediately increase strength, a heavy split toward the white feather split down.Bai Yu took the chance and was pushed back a meter by the tremendous force.The two play {hidden} players looked at the white plume and undead sichuan real mi battle, was immediately sent out by two momentum to oppression, and also accompanied by the outflow of cold sweat.They did not expect hakuyu actually with the ghost killing team of the column to fight, but they imagined hakuyu was hanged the picture did not appear, but appeared to let them very shocked another situation.In the face of the most brutal wind column, white feather is actually the slightest does not fall the wind, this is absolutely a cow forced existence.(Click below to read for free) The second book: “Through the Ghosts of daily” author: Overlooking the mountains and rivers Introduction: strong push three ghostout fandom, through the ghostout world, get the god level system, to the peak of life through the ghostout blade world, get the god level system, to the peak of life.Ding, the system turns on: “What is this?Wuxia atlas!”Ding!”Is this?The Magic Map!”Ding!”Is this?Xiuzhen atlas!”Guide to the pit: six layers of internal force fully open, almost congeals into the essence of the air flow in the sun wheel tip, released to form a half inch knife, although only half an inch, but cool radiant, sharp.With a bang, the knife shot up and formed a virtual shadow about several meters long. It hit the cave in front of it fiercely, like thunder and drum, and crashed. The cave turned into stones tumbling down, revealing the dark space inside.”A sword?How is that possible?”Ganlu Temple stared big eyes in horror, the shadow of dao Qi deficiency a few meters away could not be false, but for one thousand years, never heard that someone can practice to such a situation.”Bravo!Mournful island line dark praise.Tomioka yiyong nodded slightly, eyes are also full of amazing.Zhang Xie did not expect that he could break out such a terrible knife, in the previous battle, he can never let the knife gas outside the knife so much, it seems that it is the role of the true sun wheel knife, can gather internal forces, and the formation of a sharp attack.Zhang Xie, with the sun wheel knife in hand, strength soared, there is hope to be able to kill the kimono woman.Can have not appeared the other 3 protect law to let Zhang Xie faint worry, alone is good son already let him headache unceasingly, have to go all out, 4 protect law qi, be afraid by oneself present actual strength, also cannot resist.Mourning island line suddenly jumped up, meteor hammer shape of the sun wheel knife was his dance huhu wind.(Click below to read for free) Book 3: The Double Who Started ghostblade by: Light Wind Owl Introduction: Savior of the wicked, Justice of the guilty — Dio Brando comes to this haunted world.”Live in unawakened dreams forever, for your dawn will never come again.”Rely on the blood of ghost, once again brave and vigorous progress, in life and death constantly grow up.Pothole Guide: Bang!The world kicked against Dior, his dark suit suddenly ruptured, his white marble chest deeply dented, and his body shot parallel to the ground by this strange force.A few snap, because Tomioka Yi-yong and yu life-marrow tianyuan obstruction, was the butterfly patience to pull out of the distance, and was again caught up.’Stay away from him!”Yoshihiro Tomioka shouted, his face pale, his eyes cold and sad.”If IT were not for my failure to track him down in Qianyue Town, there is nothing I can do in the narrow fog mountain will behead him, let things deteriorate to this point, in the final analysis is my fault, if you can use my life……”More people have died in qianyuecho in six months than ghosts have done in hundreds of years.”Too slow!Too slow!”Diao crosses butterfly endure, the world is in air already pull good offensive, the perfect body that has metallic simple sense is like strong bow strength crossbow, slingshot leg ministry go out, dazzling golden awn is like the sickle of death, of indifference hit.The butterfly can detect the sharp changes in the air flow, like a butterfly, but skillfully jump away.”Where’s the sun wheel knife in her hand?”Duo glanced back and wondered.”Is cover light?It must have been thrown when the world struck, and reappeared around the time the boy swung the knife.”The sky is pale, the moonlight sprinkles a ground of broken jade, slightly mottled.(Click below to read it for free.) 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