Shi Qingwei, party secretary and chairman of Jincheng Rural Commercial Bank, visited first-line outlets for New Year’s greetings

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Warm heart sympathy | jincheng bank of agribusiness party secretary, chairman of the board of directors Shi Qingwei in-depth line network in the New Year sympathy on February 1, the first day, the first lunar month festival atmosphere thick.Shi Qingwei, party secretary and chairman of Jincheng Rural Commercial Bank and member of the party group of Jincheng Audit Center, went deep into the first-line outlets to visit the staff on duty, expressed gratitude to them and sent New Year’s greetings.Shi Qingwei, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Board, visited the Development Zone Sub-branch.What is the arrangement of personnel leave?”At each place, Chairman Shi Qingwei carefully asked the staff the Spring Festival rotation rest time, said that in the case of not affecting the rotation on duty, must relax, fully feel the peaceful atmosphere of the Spring Festival.Shi Qingwei chairman stressed, holiday, business during the attendant to epidemic prevention and control this alert all the time, keep strong work enthusiasm, best holiday need stability, security, such as public security control work, put an end to all kinds of potential safety hazard, strictly implement the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, to ensure that spend a peaceful and happy Spring Festival.Finally, I wish every employee and their families a happy year of the Tiger, good health and a prosperous New Year!Jincheng bank of agribusiness party sympathy warmed every on-the-job employees, we have said, in the New Year, will be more full of enthusiasm, high morale, more solid work style to meet the various, try your best to finish in the first quarter start each task goal, for the jincheng agri-businesses bank high quality transformation development and make unremitting struggle!