The procuratorial organs arrested 46,000 people for crimes against minors last year

2022-05-02 0 By

Beijing, February 23 (reporter Zhang Chong) reporter learned from the Supreme People’s Procuratorate: the procuratorial organs in the past year to severely punish crimes against minors, 2021 national procuratorial organs approved the arrest of 46,000 crimes against minors.At present, 1,622 one-stop case handling areas have been set up across the country, 914 more than in 2020, and 15,671 juvenile victims have been questioned.At the same time, more than 39,000 procurators served as vice principals for the rule of law in more than 77,000 schools in 2021, an increase of 6,000 over 2020.Over the past year, procuratorial organs have encouraged schools to implement protective measures and put forward a total of 3,668 procuratorial suggestions on school safety problems, including 1,393 potential school safety problems and 336 prevention and control mechanisms.According to the report, local procuratorial organs in accordance with the law urged schools to establish and improve the prevention of sexual assault, sexual harassment, bullying and other work mechanisms, and achieved remarkable results.In 2021, prosecutions for crimes of school violence and bullying dropped 74.7 percent from the same period in 2018.”No. 1 Procuratorial Suggestion”, mandatory report and entry inquiry have been included in the national school safety supervision key content.According to reports, in the past year, the procuratorial organs have also promoted the rectification of accommodation, commercial entertainment venues and other illegal admission of minors, together with the relevant departments to investigate hotels, guesthouses, hotels and other accommodation venues, urging rectification, business suspension, cancellation of business licenses more than 11,000.We investigated commercial entertainment venues, Internet cafes and bars, and urged more than 3,600 to rectify, suspend operations for rectification, or revoke their business licenses.In implementing the system of compulsory reporting, procuratorial organs discovered and handled more than 1,600 cases through compulsory reporting, and found that more than 450 cases did not fulfill their obligation of compulsory reporting, and supervised and corrected them through procuratorial suggestions and accountability.In addition, procuratorial organs strengthened the protection and assistance of juvenile victims, providing 10,719 cases of judicial assistance to minors in 2021 and granting 159 million yuan in relief funds, 3,808 and 52 million yuan more than in 2020 respectively.Source: People’s Daily online