These “gu Ailing’s same style” are popular after Gu Ailing won the championship

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In this Winter Olympics, Gu won two gold MEDALS and one silver medal. Healthy, confident and sunny, she has become a new idol for young people to follow.With The explosion of Gu Ailing, all kinds of “gu Ailing with the same style” has also been popular.After Gu Ailing and Su Yiming became popular, so did the snow resort in Chengdu where they trained before the competition.In Jiafeng Ski Resort in Chengdu Xindu District, the large jump slide is dry snow with flamingo mushroom, and the experience can reach 90% similarity with real snow, so it is also the first choice for professional athletes to train.Recently, there has been a surge in the number of skiers: an average of 210 skiers per day in February 2022, up 200% from an average of 68 skiers per day in 2021.According to CCTV Finance, Gu Ailing won the gold medal on The morning of February 8, and the sales of snow equipment of the same brand on the e-commerce platform surged, increasing by more than 7 times compared with that on The 6th.The most popular item is gu Ailing’s racing skis.According to the snowboard brand commodity publicity page, this skis tailored for Gu Ailing, to Chinese Han Chinese traditional culture is representative of the DRAGON as the theme, layout “valley” word to A DRAGON red-carpet PEOPLE as the bottom, meaning the DRAGON among PEOPLE.The “Golden Dragon” ski suit gu Wore when she won the gold medal in the first race was planted by many people. The brand immediately launched a similar T-shirt, which also sold well, but many people still want the same jacket.GuAiLing “with the” five rings, nail art, fashion people have already arranged on February 8 GuAiLing title on the same day, she podium, exalted ice mound mound, the hands of the “rings” nail also found by people, several of her nails painted with the Olympic rings, respectively, a few fingers together is the “rings” design standard.The # Guailing5-Ring Manicure was also trending.As of press time, there have been more than 300 notes related to “Gu Ailing’s manicure with the same style” on xiaohong, many of which have received thousands of likes.Gu, who eats food anytime and anywhere to replenish energy during competitions, also popularized several Kinds of Chinese food, including leek box, hot pot, steamed stuffed bun, dumplings, roast duck and honey three Knife, etc.According to Shanhai Video, a well-known snack shop in Beijing said that under the influence of Gu Ailing, the leek box has become a popular item in the store recently, with sales double as usual.Statistics show that one million Chinese leek boxes were sold on the website, with the top five cities being Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Hangzhou.Cover reporter Pansa