Why does the left Cold Zen implement and party resistance so big?So that’s it

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“Swordsman smiles all corners of the country” in the wuyue sword clique is wuyue clique this thing is good or bad after all?It’s really hard to say.Why is that?From a certain point of view, actually this is a good thing, we might as well look at qin Shihuang unified the world, this is not a good thing?But why do so many people still say that Qin Shi Huang how?In fact, it is not necessarily bad to say that Qin Shihuang unified the world, but to say that qin Shihuang unified the world after the policy.Jia Yi has a good saying in his treatises on The Qin Dynasty: “Benevolence and righteousness are different when they attack and defend.”We present the qin shi huang, also should dialectically, not because he unified the unified national the weights and measures, and so on, which laid a foundation for a unified China said he how wise great let not the others, also can’t because he said he can’t certain policy mistakes or how how, in fact, no one is perfect, has rendered meritorious service,Is he a saint without a flaw, or a man?So, we don’t have to call the Emperor a saint and we don’t have to call him a single man.From this point of view, the unification of the Wuyue Jian school is as good as the unification of the whole country by the First Emperor of Qin.But why is there so much opposition to such a good thing?Specific analysis, left cold Zen in this matter made a lot of mistakes.The first is the lack of a theory.”Theory is the forerunner of action”, there is nothing wrong with this saying, there is no theory, do a certain thing, always let others feel that you do this thing untenable.We look at the ancient dynasties of history, which one does not say the past dynasty poor said their own good?Of course, it is not all so, after all, the founding of a dynasty of the king, no matter how hate the former, will be sure that the former founding of the king is wise and divine, otherwise it will let them also get the country is not right.Often, the founding king would have his advisors do some wacky stuff to add some mystery to his origin and convince others that he was the chosen one.For example, liu Bang, emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty, has a legend of beheaded a white snake. It is said that an old woman said that the son of the Red Emperor beheaded the son of the White Emperor to death. It is clear that the white snake refers to the son of the White Emperor, and the son of the Red Emperor refers to Liu Bang.These things, to put it bluntly, are in theory to give yourself a correct qualitative.Zuo Leng Chan did not have this awareness, why not invite more people to speak for him, the correctness of the union?If everyone in the consciousness of the correctness of the union, naturally there will not be so strong resistance.Left cold Zen no theoretical research, but Yue Buqun is in theory is a set of a set, estimated in the general assembly and that sermon, left cold Zen were persuaded by him.When Yue Buqun finished that set of theory and school, Left cold Zen is such an idea: “but today, after listening to Mr. Yue some great truth, make me enlightened, only know the original merger of the five schools, in the future of the martial arts have this significant relationship, but is not only in my five schools of good things.”In the process of Yue Buqun preaching this theory, Shaolin abbot Fang Zheng master was also deceived by Yue Buqun, also there to help Yue Buqun speak: “Good, good!Yue lay monk’s words were kind and kind.As long as all the people in the Wulin have such thoughts as Yue Lay scholar, all the bloodshed and strife in the world will vanish into invisibility.”Be like make fox blunt this be equal to all corners of the country fight of nothing too big view of, more agree with: “listen to teacher right just speech way: 5 groups merge, aim should be in ‘interest contend solution fen’ 4 word, if really so, 5 groups merge pour good thing but not bad thing.It seems that the future depends on whether the Wuyue school will follow the principles of my master or of Zuo Leng Chan.”If the left cold Zen can also study a theory to persuade others, and then sent his people more in the river’s lake to create public opinion, perhaps a lot of people really believe this set, from the previous opposition to support.This is the theoretical thing!The second is the left cold Zen to promote the means of the party is too disgusted.What means does Zuo Leng Zen use?The first is to sow discord.For example, Zuo Leng Zen directly interfered in the internal affairs of the huashan clan, and brought the jianzong gateman, who had already left Huashan, to stir up the two factions to fight for the authentic position of Huashan.Yue Buqun had something else in mind, otherwise the Huashan faction would not have supported the Union faction.In addition to Huashan party, and Taishan party, left cold Zen also used the same means, tianmendao long this generation did not oppose Tianmendao long, so left cold Zen found tianmendao long several teachers, please come forward to force tianmendao long.But tianmen road long this person is bad-tempered, foolhardy, was a few words on the run into the passive, and the results of the left cold Zen henchmen together, Taishan party leaderless at this point, a chaotic nature also did not resist.The second is ruthless against the opposition, which is very representative of the Hengshan faction.Left cold Zen idea is to get rid of hengshan assigned character generation of three teachers too, let Hengshan party without backbone, there is no way to oppose.Therefore, the chivalry gentleman has been said to kill the idle, the two teachers too is likely to be left cold Zen, and the other left cold Zen in the assembly and said hengshan school intentionally or unintentionally mentioned two teachers too dead in the Shaolin Temple, its purpose is to provoke the meaning of it.Left cold Zen in the process of carrying out and sent too much superstition of their own force, think can rely on their own power means to all opposition forces down, but these people walking around the river’s lake who have no two brushes, is you so easy to use power pressure.Even if you can hold it down for a while, can you hold it down forever?You left cold chan today with songshan school of extraordinary strength down, but you left cold Chan after death?Is there any guarantee that the next generation will have that kind of skill?So, after all, not a long-term solution.Isn’t this the reason why Linghu Chong is against the union faction?Master fang Card asked linghu chong: “do you think the wuyue sword school is one, this matter is improper?”Linghu chong said: “the younger generation at that time also did not think of this matter proper and improper.But songshan school in order to coerce hengshan school consent, posing as the Sun and moon church members, hengshan captives disciples, siege jingshi too.The tactics were too mean.The younger generation happened to meet this matter, the heart feel injustice, is to help.Later, Songshan sent fire to cast jian Valley to burn two teachers, Dingxian and Dingyi, which was even worse.The younger generation thought, if the merger of the Wuyue Sword school is a beautiful thing, why not the Songshan school and the heads of all factions open and aboveboard negotiations, but want to do this furtive act?”From this paragraph of linghu Chong, he has no own views on the merger of the Five Mountains is good or bad, and it is so that he heard Yue Buqun’s theory at the meeting of the party, feel it is also very reasonable.Therefore, Zuo Leng Zen’s implementation of the parallel school is not necessarily a mistake, but he used the wrong means.What do you think?