Yuncheng Police show you a different snow “police”

2022-05-02 0 By

A heavy snow, unexpectedly yuncheng public security that is to play snow with snow, all p mobilization bath “snow” Guard peace snow lovers abuse of the wind Against the first snow in January 21, a heavy snow falls, stand in the wind and snow, the duty police resolutely hold on each post, abuse, lovers wind snow them against the wind, with strong shadow guard every home.In the snow, the police are accompanied by checkpoints and expressways. The snow and snow cover the road surface and make it difficult for passing vehicles to drive. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the police on duty promptly divert road traffic and reduce accidents.Snow stroke “police” resolutely stick to patrol guard, resolutely stick to, in the flying snow all over the sky, a Tibetan blue figure become the most beautiful wind “police”, snow poem, their footsteps in the vast white heaven and earth to write the most beautiful poem!Heavy snow has caused problems with snow, causing inconvenience to residents’ daily travel and increasing safety risks.Police picked up brooms, shovels, in time to clear the road nearby to provide convenient travel for the masses.Regardless of the bad weather, or the moment of crisis yuncheng public security with resolute figure let this winter more warm peace and snow crazy again have us to protect you well!