Bing Dwen Dwen “off duty”, chief design executive Liu Pingyun: the next mascot will come to pick up the baton soon

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The unanswerable question is whether Bing Dandan made Liu Pingyun, or Liu Pingyun made Bing Dandan.Not surprisingly, after the birth of Bing Dwen Dwen, the behind-the-scenes team also became popular.On February 14, not counting phone interviews, Liu pingyun gave interviews to three media outlets alone.As the chief executive of the bing Dwen Dwen design team, Liu Pingyun had to meet the media almost every day in the past six months. He answered the same questions hundreds of times. Although he was not distracted, he already felt a little tired.In the past six months, Liu Pingyun has met the media almost every day.Before this, most of the media questions were similar, but from February 14, the degree of specialization began to become higher, Liu Pingyun said, media understanding of Bing Dwen Dwen, began to turn to depth.But he still can not adapt to the life of the spotlight, his original five identities (educators, researchers, designers, managers and students), flash back by the spotlight, now only lonely shadow of the identity of the net red.”Actually, my favorite place to be is in the car,” he told Time. “When I’m driving, I don’t have to answer the phone, I don’t have to talk, I don’t have to do interviews. I can just be quiet and enjoy the solitude.”It takes less than 10 minutes to drive from home to the design complex building in Changgang campus of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.Although the opening ceremony of many schools invited, but Liu Pingyun still can not refuse her daughter’s school opening ceremony.On February 14, Liu Pingyun got up at 7 o ‘clock.Usually, he would take his daughter to changgang East Road Primary School, a 10-minute walk away, and then back to guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, but this time, he walked through the gate with his daughter.This day is the opening ceremony of the second semester of each primary school in Guangzhou.Before this, Liu pingyun received many invitations from schools, hoping that he could attend the opening ceremony.Liu could neither say no nor say yes, but the 14-member team that designed the winter Olympic mascots inadvertently created an opportunity for the rest of the team to participate in public events.At 8:30 in the morning, the opening ceremony began with the president’s speech. After giving blessings and encouragement to the students in the future, the president talked about guangdong’s contribution to the Winter Olympic Games. Guangdong’s manufacturing industry was responsible for the lighting and sound production of the Winter Olympic Games.So Liu Pingyun was invited to the stage, and the students were excited.According to the original design, after Liu pingyun finished his speech, he and the student representatives should draw bing Dwen Dwen together.Later, time Weekly reporter asked Liu Pingyun, his female classmate drew the bing Dwen dwen, the brushwork looks professional and decisive, and the painting is even bigger than Liu Pingyun’s bing Dwen dwen, is it designed?Liu pingyun, 47, said that the woman next to him was his daughter, and that the painting was made by her own heart. It was only after she finished that she realized that bing Dwen dwen was bigger than her father’s drawing.When asked if he has only one child, Liu Pingyun fell silent.Later, he said slowly that his eldest daughter was born in 2003. Soon after, he and his wife found that something was wrong with her.In the early days, when Tang screening was less common, the odds of down syndrome occurring were 700 to 1,000 to one.”It’s been so devastating for our family, we’ve dropped everything we’ve been doing to get my daughter treated, and all my life plans have been pushed back by five years.”When Liu Pingyun was a child, he only had a simple and vague dream to be an artist, but for a rural child, how to become an artist, he did not know.So in life planning, his habit is to set a goal every five years.In 2009, Liu Pingyun ushered in his second child, the nickname “excellent”, is actually from the agreement with his wife in 2003, because of the faint sad around, the second child regardless of men and women, the nickname should have “excellent”, that is, the transformation of the word “worry”.In order to welcome her second child, Liu pingyun said she moved into a new house she bought in Guangzhou in 2008 and started her life anew.On the stage of the opening ceremony, Liu pingyun felt that the two ice blocks he drew with his daughter were too large and monotonous, so he simply drew two smaller ones.Reporters took the photo and sent it to him. He enlarged the photo and handed it to a Times reporter.”So you painted all four of your family on it?””Well, we can’t do without one of us.”Running about 9:30, Liu Pingyun alone out of the school gate, behind the noise gradually dull, no one on the road to recognize him, this is his moment of peace.As he crossed the street, he rubbed his shoulder. Periarthritis of shoulder and cervical spondylosis are the occupational diseases of artists.”It’s getting worse lately, but I don’t have time to deal with it.”Liu Pingyun said he has five identities, now are flash back, but let him more difficult to let go of the other several identities, “I am also a son, is also a father, or my brother sister’s brother, but these roles, I am dereliction of duty.”Before the Spring Festival, liu Pingyun’s 80-year-old mother fell down and he drove his car to Xinyu, Jiangxi province. The media in Jiangxi province knew he was going back to his hometown, and the reporters appeared in front of him on the 30th and the first day of the New Year.He’s not good at saying no. He says it’s hard for everyone.Rush is probably Liu Pingyun in the past few years, in addition to the ice pier pier footnote.He picked up his mobile phone and said that he and Cao Xue had spent hundreds of thousands of yuan on air tickets for a ten-month round-trip between Beijing and Guangzhou.Such frequent trips, especially during the epidemic period, brought great trouble to Liu Pingyun. Needless to say, he lost 10 jin in 10 months.Psychological torture is the most suffering, to participate in mascot design, Olympic Organizing committee has strict confidentiality agreement, in addition to the school a few people know, he can not tell any of his frequent business trips for what matter, even almost affected the doctor at that time is the first grade of the curriculum.So the pressure of work, only in a team to digestion, no one can give him advice and encouragement, and there are several teams had on each other, they don’t know what the other design, modified to what extent, “so we don’t know when will be washed out, once the ocog is no longer contact us, before everything all in vain,When the phone rings, it means another round of all-nighters.”Bing Dwen Dwen’s popularity brought liu Pingyun’s team fame, but more importantly, more opportunities.On the weekend of Feb. 12, he was told to hurry to Beijing, and when he arrived, he was asked to do urban image design in another city.As he was driving back from home to guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts for an interview with a financial media outlet, the neighborhood committee suddenly asked him to report.Beijing, Guangzhou, home, neighborhood committees have become his daily haunt.When he finally returned to the car, ping said tiredly cloud: “my favorite hiding in the car, drive, only here, the world will be quiet, time is their own, before going to university in class, one way to open half an hour, then feel good happiness ah, now from home to wide beauty, 10 minutes.”Due to the incident of the neighborhood committee, Liu pingyun arrived at the studio 15 minutes later than scheduled, and the interview began at 11 a.m.Liu feels sorry for being late, but there is nothing he can do about it. For example, he was 15 minutes late for an appointment at 5 PM on February 8. On that occasion, he was so busy that he forgot to eat lunch and was so hungry that he made a bowl of instant noodles by 4 PM.Ice mound mound in the image of ice crystal shell, which is a stretch of ice-sugar gourd shell was also subverts the traditional plush mascot express time weekly reporter li guang was taken in the face of the media, he quickly enter the state, when talking about the design of the ice mound mound, he again use the word “double relations”, the opening ceremony of the day morning, he also used the word.In liu Pingyun’s spiritual world, two-layer relationship is his understanding of Saussure’s dualistic philosophy.For those engaged in art, this word helps him to explain his artistic expression to the outside world. For example, the ice crystal shell in bing Dwen Dwen’s image is an extension of the shell of ice-sugar gourd, an expression subverting the traditional plush mascot, and a visual sublimation of ice and snow movement.In his life, two-tier relationships are like a metaphor.For example, from ice-sugar gourd, the shortlisted mascot of The Beijing Winter Olympic Games, to Bing Dwen Dwen, the final mascot, this is not a progressive or sublimated relationship from the elder daughter to the younger daughter, but from the same mother’s twin flowers.Later, a times reporter asked Liu whether he would be distracted answering the same question after dealing with hundreds of media outlets.He says no, but every once in a while he really doesn’t want to answer anymore.People always say that the biggest pain in the design industry is to unconditionally accept the instructions of party A. He said that he meets the needs of party A, not from this habit, but because he feels that he is an ordinary person and there is no need to pose like that.At noon that day, he was lucky to have a break of more than an hour. At 2:40 in the afternoon, five or six members of another shooting team crowded into his studio again.Before the shooting began, they gave Liu many suggestions, such as taking an ice dun dun, asking the president of the Organizing committee of the Olympic Games Thomas Bach to sign it, asking Gu Ailing to sign it, asking Cao Xue and the rest of the design team to sign it, and then giving the ice Dun Dun to a car company, asking them to give Liu a car.Mr Lau just laughs, sensitive and taboo about such a business as a professor and dean.He prefers to talk about some daily, for example, just to guangzhou that year, because of damp, he made up his mind to not settled in the city, “I returned to his place, then a turn on the light, the light bulb burned, microwave oven, microwave circuit, then thought it would be air, so he opened the window, the result is worse, the room like pouring water.”But guangzhou is like this. Despite its imperfections, once you get familiar with the nature of the city, you will become attached to it.At 4 p.m., two reporters from another financial media outlet arrived as expected.Zhong Wenqi, who was looking up information on the work table, poured hot water for everyone as usual. He was a graduate student of Liu Pingyun belt. Although he did not catch up with the design of Bing Dwen Dwen at that time, he was involved in the subsequent projects.Mr. Chung said he missed the chance to join bing Dwen dwen’s design team by entering school two years late, but that was a mixed blessing.”My elder brother and elder sister said that they only worked on one project in the whole university, but for me, after the studio became famous, new projects constantly appeared, which is what the elder brothers and elder sisters have never enjoyed.Today, there are fewer questions about how Bing Dwen Dwen was born in the media, and more specific questions, such as how long Bing Dwen Dwen can be popular, such as designing Bing Dwen Dwen, what are the benefits of the team.Liu Pingyun is not shy, he said ice pier pier is cyclical, not always fire, the next mascot will soon come to pick up the baton.At 5:30 in the evening, Liu pingyun’s studio returned to calm. He turned on his computer and discussed the shooting schedule for February 17 with another shooting team. Then, he would find a quiet place and reply one by one to the messages he received that day…As the new interviews continued, he couldn’t stay in the car for long.Therefore, whether Bing Dandong dwen made Liu Pingyun, or Liu Pingyun made Bing Dandong dwen, has become an unexplainable problem.