Changan Auchan X7 PLUS, higher quality, leapfrog enjoyment!

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As is known to all, Changan Auchan has always been adhering to the brand concept of “providing customers with value, which is twice the cost of customers”, and after the launch of Changan Auchan X7 PLUS, the majority of users have a profound understanding of the true meaning of this concept.As the first PLUS flagship launched by Changan Auchan, Changan Auchan X7 PLUS has the high-value configuration of “5 industry-leading, 5 same-level leading, 5 industry-pioneering, 5 Daqo series standard configuration”, which is committed to meet people’s higher pursuit of quality life and create a higher level of automobile experience and enjoyment for people.Such a product force comprehensive advanced high-performance intelligent control of the United States SUV, the price of only 79,900, hurry to understand it!Changan Auchan X7 PLUS, with the support of the whole scene OnStyle3.0+ intelligent vehicle control system, realizes the comprehensive advancement of intelligent configuration. Various convenient and interesting intelligent configurations bring you a brand new travel experience.Geeker internal and external dual camera face intelligence control system, just brush the face can use the car, no key, and after sitting in the car, according to face recognition, can open the seat memory exclusive driving mode, everything for you to adjust to the accustomed mode;APA5.0 one-button parking system, one-button automatic parking, the system accurately identify cars, obstacles, pedestrians, to deal with a variety of difficult parking Spaces, automatic parking/parking, enjoy the convenience of science and technology!Blue Whale new generation NE1.5T high pressure direct injection engine dynamic performance has always been the focus of users, and changan Auchan X7 PLUS mounted on the blue Whale new generation NE1.5T high pressure direct injection engine will not let you down!The engine has a maximum power of 138kW and a maximum torque of 300N.m. It is turbocharged with an electromagnetic control twin vortex tube and reaches peak torque at 1500rpm.In addition to its powerful performance, this engine has another advantage – fuel economy!Original “AGILE AGILE” air diversion type high efficiency super clean combustion system, 350 bar ultra-high pressure jet of high rolling airway, CAM contour line and top with high compression ratio of the province there technology, culminating in the atomization effect, make the fuel particle is small to 8 microns in diameter, was only about one 5 of the average diameter of hair, make the combustion more sufficient, fuel consumption province!High performance, low fuel consumption, bring more enjoyable power experience!In order to create a more comfortable ride environment for users, Changan Auchan X7 PLUS has created a 37 decibel breath quiet space with 52 comprehensive NVH solutions throughout the car!The car will not be disturbed by any noise, only faint breathing can be heard!Among them, 26 space-grade sound-absorbing cotton effectively isolated the tire noise, wind noise and other noises in the process of car driving;17 under the body acoustic damping material, prevent tire friction, ground roughness noise;There are also 9 core cavity sound absorption, eliminate the engine compartment and other core parts due to cavity resonance noise.Benchmarking NVH, higher quality enjoyment!Changan Auchan X7 PLUS brings users enjoyment beyond the value of the product by virtue of its comprehensive advanced product power. Today, most people are rushing about for life, “enjoyment” has become an increasingly luxurious thing. How to find their own enjoyment in the busy pace of life?The answer is to work with Changan Auchan X7 PLUS to turn travel into enjoyment and life into enjoyment!