Fuel consumption of 6.3L car, or luxury brand imported car, take you to see imported BMW 5 series

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In almost all BMW stores, beside the domestic BMW 5 Series with long axle, there will always be a car that looks exactly the same, but is a little shorter. Do not doubt that you are wrong, this is indeed a BMW 5 Series.However, this is an imported standard wheelbase BMW 5 Series, is the original European everyday BMW 5 series, then this original BMW 5 series performance?BMW 5 Series (imported) Minimum price: from 413,900 maximum price:10000 image parameter configuration for reserve understand car 4.16 to understand the observed no juyou ring 38000 23800 | 405 juyou hot used car imported BMW 5-series in appearance even M sport suit on car body, there is also a luxury suits and sport suits are mixed together.It’s the bumper of a sports suit with the chrome mesh of a luxury suit, and it works wonders.The length of the standard shaft of the 5 series is 4976mm, which seems to be similar to the BMW 3 series long shaft version, but the temperament of the two can be very different.In addition, for the long shaft version and standard shaft version will soon be able to find where the lengthened size is put, the rear door of the standard shaft is obviously shorter than the long shaft, and the lengthened wheelbase is still handed over to the back row.Imported BMW 5 series on the rear of the car is to help owners save a big thing, that is, do not have to find a thin line to the rear of the car “Brilliance BMW” four big words to scratch out.BMW 5 Series (imported) Minimum price: from 413,900 maximum price:10000 image parameter configuration for reserve understand car 4.16 to understand the observed no juyou ring 38000 cyclists buzz second-hand car import version 23800 | 405 BMW 5 series M sport suit interior or more partial movement obviously, europeans but, without the mahogany plot, the somebody else like silver grey black and white.In addition, there is no big obstacle in practicality. Although it is an imported car, the original factory of the car machine system is brushed into the corresponding language version according to the sales place, so it is not necessary to practice English before buying this car.The seats are incredibly comfortable and look chunky, but they don’t come with seat heating or seat ventilation, which is probably not what the Europeans really need.The rear row space of the standard shaft is not small, even if it is tall and big, it does not feel small. In general, we basically do not have to worry about the space problem, but the skylight is a small problem, and the imported models only have the single skylight in the front row.The rear seats of imported BMW 5 series and domestic BMW 5 series are not supported to fall down, but the trunk space is kept at a very spacious level, in comparison, whether the rear seat can fall down is not so important.The imported version of BMW 5 Series has the same high and low power. The low-power 2.0T engine has a maximum power of 184 HP and a peak torque of 290 N · m. It is matched with an eight-gear automatic transmission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s fuel consumption of 6.3L per 100 km.BMW 5 series in domestic is also a rare domestic imports together to sell the car, only a little wheelbase difference basically is in the difference, but the administrative class sedan, length is competitive, the axis of the 5-series competitiveness is not strong, obviously, but everyday driving BMW 5 series imported version more flexible really nice open, with good quality, for private use,An imported BMW 5 Series would be a better choice.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)