Spring Festival activities open, violent bear, big pineapple staged welfare wear show?QUQU performed well

2022-05-03 0 By

With the arrival of the Spring Festival, the domestic e-sports game circle also ushered in a wave of hot topics in this critical period.In the recent days, huya platform’s CSGO game plate QUQU, CSBOY, big pineapple, Violent Bear, Leon Kai and FG six strength popular anchors, they will carry out a wave of joint work at the arrival of the New Year, during which they will respectively between February 1 and 6 to bring luxury benefits for fans of water friends.On February 1, the first day of the Chinese New Year, QUQU, as the first CSGO elder brother in China, took the lead as a welfare officer to bring wonderful performances for fans.Users who often pay attention to the domestic CSGO game live should know that As a former professional player QUQU is undoubtedly strong in the game strength, after the transformation to become an anchor is completely released themselves, humorous personality also makes it attract countless fans.At the same time, just from the first day of the New Year’s welfare activities as a welfare officer, it is enough to prove that QUQU in the circle of absolute status.Not only that, he did not let everyone down on the first day, not only brought fans apple mobile phone and 1000 yuan peripherals and other benefits, but also got the first five kills in the inferno town Ladder qualifying race, excellent play also made all the netizens call addicting.Not only that, in this event, when the Chinese and American anchorwoman Big Pineapple also brought luxury benefits on February 3, during which not only for fans to get wireless earphones and tiger teeth and other luxury benefits, but also to watch the full welfare wearing show made countless netizens stop to watch.At the same time, the black silk image not only shows their perfect body incisively and vividly, but also makes all fans of water friends feast their eyes.It is worth mentioning that in this New Year’s welfare broadcast activities, the beautiful anchor Violent Bear will also bring a very interesting welfare wearing show, and she and the big pineapple who will be better naturally also become the focus of attention!What do you think, netizens?Feel free to leave a comment below.