Zhongang Mining: fluorite and pharmaceutical

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We know that fluorite, as the crystallization of calcium fluoride, is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, optics, new energy and other fields.But at present fluorite is also used in high-performance materials, medicine, pesticides, refrigeration, national defense and other emerging industries, today zhongang mining take you to see why fluorite is used in the medical field.Wei jin, asks the fairy asked the wind is very flourish, dignitaries own home and have a blast furnace, the furnace can mean more prolong life, the god of longevity medicine, which god medicine for rapid, domestic merry chase to celebrities such as Posting, among them, now the most, the most infamous scenery no 2 is the five stone powder, five stone scattered after taking born will be very easy to heat,Therefore, many famous scholars in wei and Jin dynasties were in untidy clothes and bare arms.It is said that the five stone loose clothing will be addicted to by nature, a day without food, the whole body uncomfortable.But those who eat them die prematurely.On the other hand, Hanshi sanding (amethyst, white quartz, red stone fat, chrysochral milk, root of the thorax, parsnip, platycodon, cockle, podophylum, Tai Yishuang, dried ginger, aconite, cassia TWP.) is an excellent treatment for stroke and typhoid, and is also effective in enhancing human sexual function.At the beginning of taking this medicine, the heart becomes brighter, the physical strength becomes stronger, the fatigue and seven injuries, the weak and weak in bed, the doctor can not cure, take this medicine, all will recover, but long sick people take it.Wushi Powder was originally developed to fight typhoid fever, and was named after five ores including amethyst, white quartz, stalactite, stone sulfur and red stone fat.Today all ang mining will tell you about the amethyst.Amethyst is not quartz, but purple fluorite.It was mistaken for amethyst by the ancients because it was purple and looked like quartz.Because the structure of fluorite is easy to contain sundry, so the medicinal must be selected as clear as water essence, and after the water fly purification can be used.Clear as water essence of amethyst is relatively rare, so ancient amethyst only nobles to eat.”Compendium of Materia Medica” wrote: purple quartz into the pill powder, fire calcined vinegar quenching seven times, grinding water flew, dried into medicine.Amethyst warm taste sweet, into the heart, liver, good treatment of cold infertility palace, women in the womb, no child, ten years of pregnancy.Those who conceive more and miscarry better.This shows that the treatment of infertility for the palace cold medical attention.In modern medicines, fluorine-containing medicines have the characteristics of low dosage, low toxicity, high efficacy and strong metabolism. At present, fluorine-containing chemicals are mostly used as raw materials or intermediates in the synthesis of various medical compounds.Experts estimate that 25-30% of new API developments are based on fluorinated chemicals.There are hundreds of fluorine-containing drugs at home and abroad, and many drugs have become very important varieties of synthetic drugs, such as cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor, fluoroquinolone antibiotics, antidepressant fluoxetine, antifungal drug fluconazole, etc.In addition, fluorite is indispensable to fluorine-containing drugs, such as “norfloxacin, ofloxacin, norfloxacin” and some antibiotic drugs, in medicine and artificial hematopoietic and artificial bone and so on.Fluoride toothpaste can brighten and solidify teeth.The transformation of fluorite from an ordinary stone into a vital companion of human life has been made possible by the hard work of thousands of geologists.