2-3!Man City down, 95 minute winner!Son Heung-min 2 assists, epL suspense back

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English Premier League round 26, Manchester City host Tottenham.Tottenham hotspur beat Manchester City 3-2 with 2 assists from Son Heung-min and 2 goals from Kane.It was a thrilling game: 92nd minute equaliser for Manchester City, 95th minute winner for Tottenham!Manchester City’s loss means that the premier League title suspense has come back.Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City are still strong this season.Manchester City are top of the Premier League table with 63 points from 25 games.With spurs one battle, Manchester city offers sterling, Forden, B seat of the trident;Tottenham’s attack line includes Harry Kane, Son Heung-min and Khurusevski.Tottenham broke the deadlock just four minutes into the game when Kane sent a scalpel through ball and Son heung-min drove in the goal.Son heung-min’s unselfish cross in front of goalkeeper Ederson and Khurusevski’s shot into the net.The connection between Kane and Son heung-min once again played a decisive role.Kolou, who joined on loan, scored his first goal for Tottenham.Son heung-min was so excited that he jumped to cooulou.The 33rd minute, Manchester city equaliser: Sterling crosses from the left, de Braunne grabs the ball to cause chaos in the Tottenham area, jingdoan scores!City’s high pressure attack, finally received the effect.From tactics to psychology, Conti and Guardiola’s game is quite wonderful.During the game, Conte also found Guardiola “chat”, which is clearly psychological warfare.It is fascinating to watch at the top level of the Premier League.Tottenham’s quick counterattack, especially son Heung-min Kane’s connection, once again hit City hard.In the 59th minute, Tottenham took the lead again. Son heung-min took aim at Kane in the penalty area, and Kane scored with his right foot from 6 meters to make it 2-1.Son heung-min and Kane have a heart in mind.So far last season, Sun Kai line a total of 16 times, the premier League 1!The pair have scored 36 goals together, ranking first in the 30-year history of the Premier League (tied with Lampard/drogba).Kane scored in the 74th minute.However VAR determined that Tottenham this attack, Lukusevski offside in the first, the goal was not allowed.In the 80th minute, Young Lucas replaced Son heung-min.In whoscored’s real-time rating, Son heung-min scored 7.9 points with two assists, the highest in the game.Son is known as the “Star of Guasaikmin”, who has scored six goals and two assists in his last nine matches against Manchester City, with great passes to Khurusevski and Kane.In the 90th minute, Tottenham’s Romero handball in the penalty area, the referee watched the video replay after the penalty!The 92nd minute, Mahrez hit the top corner, 2-2!In the 95th minute, the miracle happened!Tottenham attack, colou crosses, Kane heads home, 3-2 winner!This is a classic Premier League game: there are big stars, there are tactics, there is the final whistle.Tottenham completed a double over Manchester City, leaving Manchester City six points clear of Liverpool at the top of the Premier League with a game to play.