2022LCS spring W2 report C9, 100T and other teams led TSM, and gained 4 consecutive defeats

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The 2022LCS spring regular season wrapped up its second week last night (February 14).FLY, DIG, TL, 100T and C9 are all 3-1 and tied for first place.TSM, the former North American powerhouse, is now 0-4.Heading into the LCS spring season, many teams that performed poorly in the Lockin games have improved significantly.The teams should also have made some adjustments.So let’s take a look at the second week of the 2022LCS spring season.2022LCS spring championship standings (as of February 15) after two weeks of competition, no team is 100%, there are five teams are 3-1, with three points tied for first place.The weaker teams can be seen though, TSM and CLG didn’t get a win in 2 weeks.The IMT, which has not won a match in Lockin, has won a match for now.The other seven teams are close for now.On the first match day of the second week of 2022LCS spring competition, from 5:30 am to 10:30 am on February 13, Beijing time, there are 5 matches in total, EG, IMT, TL, GG and FLY defeated their opponents and won the first win of the second.Of particular note is the Lockin 0-win team, which beat 100T for its first win.The second match day will be held from 4:30 am to 9:30 am Beijing time on February 14. There will be 5 matches.C9 beat IMT and got a win this week.GG defeated TSM, winning 2 in a row and sending TSM to 4 in a row.100T won EG and only got one win this week.TL has two wins this week with consecutive victories over strong teams C9 and FLY.The last game was DIG vs CLG, DIG won their third win and gave CLG their fourth consecutive defeat.The above is the situation of the second week of the 2022LCS spring tournament, the LCS spring tournament will be postponed live broadcast in a tooth, a fish platform, want to watch the video friends can also go to watch.As for the current LCS division, I don’t know which teams you think are the best