Football newspaper: league access review should be based on bank statements salary confirmation form is deceptive

2022-05-04 0 By

At present, there is a widespread phenomenon of unpaid wages in CSL clubs.In the run-up to the review of the admission of the new season, Football Daily has published suggestions on the censorship system of domestic leagues in the future.Regardless of the format, whether it is the end of April or the end of May, CSL should normally complete the admission at the end of February or early March. Even if it is delayed a little, the middle of March is probably the limit.At present, no matter when the admittance review, admittance when the deadline, the problem of unpaid wages are impossible to get substantive solution, thus, admittance review will become a football association extremely scratching its head.Now, the only thing the association can do may be to relax the rules.In fact, the influence of the club access review is probably far more than wages, but also including echelon construction and other access standards, at present, many clubs also have no small problem.Soccer News suggested that the best solution might be a return to the normal home-and-away format for the 2022 season, which is also the time left by the CFA for CSL clubs to finally solve the problem of unpaid wages, and a stricter entry review for 2023.If a club fails to resolve its wage arrears in another year’s time, it should not be playing in the professional league.What needs to be emphasized is that in the future normal access review, I hope the Chinese Football Association will not collect any salary bonus confirmation form, those signatures are fooling people.New access checks should be based on club financial audits, while confirmation of wages and bonuses should be based mainly on bank statements.