Ground output is good, steady growth logic is still in

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Today, the market rose slightly, affected by the news of mortgage interest rate decline in Guangzhou, real estate rose at the end of the day.Don’t worry about real estate, we are still limiting purchases and loans, there are many ways to relax.When there is no limit to buy unlimited loans and no one to buy, you should worry.The loosening of real estate policy is a slow but inevitable trend.Let it go a little bit and see if the economic data picks up. If not, let it go again.No matter what, the goal of steady growth must be achieved.Now many people have different views on the logic of stable growth. They think it is not very useful, and the data is still not good.I would argue the opposite, that bad data makes it easier to over-stimulate later.To correct wrong is too right.Extremes, in markets, mean trends.Yesterday, a reader asked me what I think of the situation in Ukraine.I said: Many experts talk about the world at large, eloquent speeches.But when they do talk about the stock market, they often get slapped in the face.I have reason to suspect he’s wrong about something else too, but it just can’t be tested quickly.When you’re dealing with international events, the question is, what’s the mood?Trend strategies like “extremes”, the more extreme, the smoother the trend;Don’t like “plain”, plain as water day, only boring shock.For example, the Ukraine incident has a great impact on the commodity market. Until it is resolved, it will lead to unilateral gains.In the event of a peace settlement, certain commodities would immediately plummet.This kind of unilateral, is our trend trading opportunity, around a root average to do, long line, short line, it can be very good to seize.Next, let’s talk about the stock market.So the stock game, which is the inside-roll game, the cake doesn’t get bigger anymore, so if I take one more bite, you take one less bite.For example, a few years ago, e-commerce like to talk about sinking, the development of county and township markets.Because the urban consumption capacity of high white-collar, have been developed, no increment.The market competition of stock game is too cruel.For example, baijiu is also a stock market. Fewer people drink baijiu, but as people’s incomes rise, they drink branded baijiu. High-end baijiu makes a lot of money, while many small distilleries have closed down.For example, fuel cars are a stock market, and most families in China have bought cars.Cars are special, they will be replaced after a few years.Once you change cars, you’ll probably want to buy a better brand rather than a car of the same quality as the old one.It means that the life of high-end brand car enterprises is very comfortable, many of the original drive low-end cars, slowly replaced by high-end brand cars.In contrast, mid – and low-end brands are struggling because their customers have gone to others and they don’t have any incremental customers.However, now new energy vehicles are another matter, this is a completely incremental market.It can be concluded that in the stock market, the benefit is the head of high-end brands, strong constant strong.If you look at houses, the housing market is also an inventory market.In the second half of urbanization, the new population will decrease and there will not be much “rigid demand” in the future.But we will change houses.As long as the economy continues to develop, people will continue to move from the old community to the new community, it is human nature to seek better food, clothing, shelter and transportation.For sure, the house price can be bought, and the house price will also rise, but not just when you buy a house. Many houses will not rise much. In the future, it will be the scarce, high-quality and high-end houses that will rise.House is also a commodity, analysis of commodity prices, mainly to see supply and demand.A commodity with less supply and more demand is bound to go up.The same goes for stocks.The great bull markets, like 2105, are the result of a flood of water. There’s money everywhere, so stocks go up. You can make money buying any stock.In recent years, there is no flood irrigation, reasonable liquidity, more and more stocks on the market, so only structural quotation.That is, only a few stocks always rise, the rest of the stock sideways or down;Then style switch, and then change the industry to rise.That’s all for today, good night ~ by Moneylife1818