How should the visiting line of medical exhibition hall design be designed?

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In recent years, affected by the epidemic, people pay more and more attention to health, and there are more and more enterprises doing medical exhibition hall.As long as the exhibition hall, the visiting line must be little.Good visiting design should be carried through the whole exhibition hall, like a story line to guide visitors step by step, immersed in the design scene.So, how should the visiting line of medical exhibition hall design be designed?Bumblebee exhibit answers.The visiting line of the exhibition hall is like the core leading line of the planning, which requires designers to arrange it after careful consideration and plan and design from the logical sequence of the product display, spatial vision and the mentality of visitors.The design of the medical exhibition hall is also to carry out a reasonable layout of the space through the contents of the exhibition, and properly organize the visiting route, so as to facilitate the visitors to gradually visit the exhibition hall in an orderly way and obtain enterprise products and cultural information.The design of the moving line of the exhibition hall is generally affected by the display content, the display site, the passenger flow and other factors.Therefore, in the process of designing the medical exhibition hall, the moving line design should be carried out together with space division and display sequence, etc., and the visiting moving line should be designed according to the actual situation of the site and display content, so that the audience can be immersed in the exhibition hall design.Visit -process design should accomplish dominate the visitor’s path forward, let the audience see and understand the content of the order, to be in conformity with the thread of the display content, let visitors during a visit to the exhibition hall, like listening to stories, gradually in-depth to understand display content integrity and consistency, and can effectively save the audience’s time and energy,Visitors will not miss or revisit the contents of the exhibition.Therefore, the design of visiting line in the design of medical exhibition hall is an important part of the design of exhibition hall.In a word, the design of the medical exhibition hall should use moving lines to guide the effective division and arrangement of the advance sequence of the audience and the display content, reasonably guide the flow of people, prevent the audience from re-looking or missing the key information, save the time and physical strength of the visitors, and enhance the transmission rate of information.