“Know not” : sheng old lady why not before the hole mammy professor minglan flower arrangement taste tea point fragrance?

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While watching “Know it or not”, I found a small detail that the old lady sheng did not teach Minglan in advance before Sister Kong taught her how to arrange flowers and taste tea.Logically, sheng old lady had also been raised in the palace for a period of time, for flower arrangement taste tea point fragrance of these upper officials playing with the elegance of things, must also be handy.In this case, why does the old lady not advance to teach Ming LAN these skills, wait until The Hole mammy came to sheng fu, then let Ming LAN and the other sisters study together?One is, do not want to let minglan limelight too sheng, thereby inviting the jealousy of other sisters.Minglan mother wei niang often said to Minglan before a word is to let minglan not too top of the head, so as not to attract envy.However, Ming LAN was too young and inexperienced to understand the plan of wei Xiao Niang.In Hualana zheng ceremony, Minglan performance is too excellent, the result of Lin’s frost fear, the final design killed his mother Wei Niang.In ancient times, deep houses and big courtyards were fraught with crises, especially for people with humble status and no family background and love.Wei Xiao Niang blood general lessons, let The Ming LAN know cover up, hide brilliance.Later, while lily of valley has been adopted by the grandmother, but the old lady in the situation of house is also very embarrassed, she’s not shing lee mother, seemingly shing lee respect her, but that’s just because the old lady said shing lee interest, once the words filled the old lady don’t deal with, shing lee an unhappy is not the answer back is back.Sheng old lady own position in the sheng house in jeopardy, Minglan mother died, Sheng Hong to her not so concerned about attention, if the sheng old lady prior to flower arrangement taste tea point fragrance these upper-class officials playing with skills professor Minglan.For the old lady sheng, it will make people doubt whether the old lady sheng Wanted to let Minglan marry into the high door, it was desperate to teach her these upper-class officials will learn skills.But Ming LAN identity is after all a common female, her head has a legitimate elder sister such as orchid, 2 have the daughter Of a concubine Ink orchid.These sisters in the sheng old lady there can be a granddaughter, if the sheng old lady only professor Minglan, will let people feel sheng old lady too eccentric, light thinking about minglan this granddaughter marry well.In this way, the sheng old lady will offend the rest of the Sheng family.Sheng the old lady became the public enemy of the palace, Minglan naturally also can not escape to become the place of many resentment, other sisters will think Minglan robbed grandmother all the favor, she is a common female learned to marry into the rich and powerful necessary skills, where to let The Orchid and such as orchid?But sheng old lady if the three sisters together are professor, apparently not appropriate, after all, the three sisters together is easy to quarrel, in case of class process like hole flower arrangement class conflict, sheng old lady and how to deal with it?I’m afraid whatever she does will make her look biased and unfair.It is better to teach no one and be quiet than to end up in a thankless and unpleasant situation.Two, sheng old lady do not want to let Minglan marry high family, only looking forward to her to marry an ordinary family, live in peace.Hole mammy once asked sheng old lady, why don’t personally teach Ming LAN flower arrangement taste tea fragrant these skills, sheng old lady was the answer is he didn’t intend to let Ming LAN marry a big family, so he didn’t teach her these.Behind the plot we can also see, sheng old lady to find minglan is not the count marquis these high family, but the childe of medical family He Hongwen.Sheng old lady do not want to let Ming LAN after the rest of the life calculated to live, so she from the beginning to Ming LAN planning is to marry a wealthy and simple family.Since do not marry the upper official home, in the sheng old lady, minglan is not necessary to learn these skills, if to professor Minglan, but will lead others to suspect minglan ambition is very big, so as to give her and their trouble.It can be said that at the beginning, due to a variety of trade-offs, sheng old lady feel that they do not need to teach Minglan flower arrangement taste tea point fragrance, but people’s cognition will change with time and experience.So, from when the sheng old lady and feel that Ming LAN also need to learn these upper society play with the elegant thing?It should be Hualan in zhongqin earl mansion, because do not know flower arrangement taste tea point fragrance is laughed at by sister-in-law.This point, sheng old lady and Wang Ruofu chat mentioned, Wang Ruofu was also hualan: “they were a military general, know what elegant, in that trouble!”But sheng old lady but don’t think so: “you say so is wrong, these ghost trifle although send don’t go up what big use, can go up family, is another way of saying.”Loyal qin earl house is a military general, are concerned about these elegant things, so even after minglan married ordinary people will not be sure to use these skills, even if not temporarily, technology is not pressing people and so on after the promotion of her husband, perhaps will be used.The example of Hualan, has made the old lady aware of the need to learn minglan flower arrangement tea point fragrance of these skills, but she is not good alone professor Minglan.At this time just Ming LAN and such as LAN because not scruples etiquette rules by Sheng Hong kneeling ancestral temple, sheng old lady just can borrow this thing, invite hole professor Ming LAN home.One, can sell Wang Ruofu face to help her rescue such as LAN can also rescue the escort Minglan;Second, like LAN is taught together, others will not think she is biased;Third, Minglan can learn these skills of flower arrangement, tea and fragrance without making people think she is ambitious, so she has a calculating heart.Minglan and grandmother, each other bear, each other guard sheng old lady although heart pain Minglan, but in order not to provoke others envy Minglan, can only deliberately pretend to be indifferent to minglan not so care about the appearance.Even the skills of flower arrangement, tea, and fragrance could not be taught in public. Minglan could only learn these skills through the hands of others.And Ming LAN, in order not to give her grandmother trouble, at home is also cautious, play dumb, hide brilliance.So, Ming LAN and grandmother, at that time in the Sheng Fu situation is to bear with each other, protect each other.Grandmother can not show too much attention to love Ming LAN, Ming LAN also have to endure for grandmother silly.So, hypothetically, what would have happened if my grandmother had taught Minlan these elegant skills before Mother Kong?In fact, through wang Ruofu to the grandmother poison this matter, can be derived by analogy grandmother in advance to teach the results of Ming LAN.Why should Wang Ruofu poison the old lady sheng?Nothing more than because the old lady in order to Ming LAN, when the sheng family let Wang Ruofu kneel in the ancestral temple, resulting in Wang Ruofu lost face, Wang Ruofu this just hate poison sheng old lady, not hesitate to poison her.To put it plainly, it is not because the old lady too love Ming LAN, for Ming LAN wang Ruofu is too harsh, the results to Wang Ruofu resentment.Similarly, if the old lady sheng Ming LAN professor in advance of these upper-class official family learning skills, may also attract sheng other people to sheng old lady dissatisfaction, thereby secretly evil sheng old lady.Therefore, for the sake of each other, it was only fitting that Sister Kong should teach Minlan.Toward period article brocade heart is like jade: the Qin Aunt that black changes thoroughly after forever losing love son, what she wants is fair only and take seriously “know not” : knowing gu Tingye is innocent, why Gu Tingyu even everywhere is against him?Know whether: Often mammy killed the man niang, rong sister psychological feelings too complex, resentment, relief everything ★ Author introduction: New qing, 90 after the author, product book pingju, in the world feeling in the situation to meet better myself.♥ is my biggest motivation # The Year of the Tiger is fun