Lintong: Social security during the Spring Festival holiday will be stable and peaceful

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Integrating ecology city – integrating ecology net news (reporter angel lee) in 2022, the lunar New Year holiday, xi ‘an lintong county police careful deployment, arrange properly, all the police officers carry on newborn calves are not afraid of the tiger’s courage, continuous fighting, to carry out routine patrol the epidemic prevention and control, illegal crime fighting, to prevent, slow traffic chang, travel order maintenance, window services, such as work,For the masses and tourists to create a safe, stable, peaceful Spring Festival social security environment.The overall public security situation in Lintong was stable, with smooth roads. The incidence of criminal and public security cases decreased by 69 percent and 11.6 percent, respectively, compared with the same period last year.The peace of visible Make full sense of security people on January 31st afternoon, qin shi huang police station during the Spring Festival according to the bureau to strengthen social patrol guard work arrangement, organization police patrolled the area to carry out the work, found that a villager home jurisdiction qin shi huang village pile have finished setting off fireworks in front of the packaging, so the police will be in accordance with the law to investigate asked the villagers summoned back to the police station.The villager confessed to his illegal act of setting off fireworks, and the police fined him 300 yuan.During the Spring Festival, the Lintong Branch of the Public Security Bureau, following the working principle of “seeing the police in the daytime and the lights at night, ensuring safety when seen”, further improved the level of patrol and prevention work, and allocated more than 100 police officers to fill the urban police stations every day, so as to fill the streets to the maximum extent.The majority of patrol police, auxiliary police, serious and responsible work, step patrol and vehicle patrol combined, key positions stationed and temporary inspection combined, a total of more than 3200 vehicles, 4,100 personnel, to maximize the security of the area of the masses.At the same time, the zero-entry security checkpoint of the sub-bureau effectively played the role of filter net, and launched the highest-level inspection and control mode, with more than 1,300 vehicles and 2,800 personnel checked daily, ensuring the absolute safety of Lintong and even the East gate of Xi ‘an.At noon on January 31, Huaqing police station organized the police to carry out public security inspection in the area, found that lintong District people east Road Wang store store a large number of fireworks, from time to time there are customers to inquire.The police immediately seized all the fireworks and firecrackers, and will be summoned to the police station for investigation.After the investigation, the Public security Lintong Branch of Wang made administrative detention for 10 days of public security punishment.On February 3, beitian police station organized community police to carry out investigation and inspection of fire safety hazards in beitian and Xinshi, and timely found and eliminated all kinds of fire hazards.Linton during the Spring Festival, the public security bureau office always tight strings of “security”, the safe production and fireworks banned banned work closely with, organize within the district police conduct carpet, large trawl security check, discover and eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazard in time, down on illegal ACTS of illegal storage, sales of fireworks,A total of 4 administrative cases of illegally storing, selling and setting off fireworks were investigated and more than 350 pieces of fireworks were confiscated.At 21:47 on the evening of January 31, a traffic accident occurred in Liyang Street, Lintong district, and the offender fled in a car.After receiving the alarm, the traffic police brigade of the Public Security Lintong Branch quickly organized the police investigation.Finally, in the city bureau of traffic police detachment and Yanliang branch traffic police brigade with full cooperation, fighting for 23 hours, found the hit-and-run related clues, and urged the police brigade to accept the investigation.During the Spring Festival, lintong traffic police should be normalized, epidemic prevention and control work, severely crack down on serious traffic violations, on the basis of the key area of congestion, node around yi road, especially at peak large shopping malls, farmers market, etc., implement all measures to ShuDu chang bao and strengthen the command channel and order maintenance, daily reminders, fail to stop more than 170 vehicles,We will create a safe and orderly travel environment for the masses.”Please show your health code and travel code, please wear a mask, please cooperate with the temperature measurement…….”The police and auxiliary police of The Lintong Branch of the Public Security Bureau, who were on the front line of the normal epidemic prevention and control work, fought in line with the requirements of the normal epidemic prevention and control work, consolidated the hard-won epidemic prevention and control work with practical actions, and built a solid defense line for the people behind them.During the Spring Festival, the Lintong Branch of the Public Security Bureau made all-out efforts to carry out regular epidemic prevention and control, dispatching more than 70 police officers to the epidemic inspection service stations on an average day.During the work, all the police and auxiliary police carefully checked the “two-yard” information of all vehicles and personnel entering Lintong in accordance with the principle of “not missing a single vehicle and not missing a single person”, in order to exchange their hard work for the health and social peace of the people under their jurisdiction.Although the terracotta Warriors and Huaqing Palace are not as popular as in previous years, the tourist police are no less enthusiastic in serving tourists and purifying order.On January 31, a tourist surnamed Feng from Xiangfan, Hubei province, accidentally left his glasses on a bus to visit the Terracotta Warriors.After receiving Feng’s request for help, Zhao Xiaowei, a police officer on duty at The Qin Terracotta Army Police Station of The Lintong Branch of the Public Security Bureau, helped Feng find the glasses in just 22 minutes.During the Spring Festival travel bureau brigades and each scenic spot station, organization members, police patrolled the scenic spot check, supervise and urge the scenic area to carry out the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures at the same time, to remind visitors to wear masks, to complete personal protective distance, earnest answer visitors consulting, as always provide visitors with a full range of services, help the recovery of the scenic spot.At the same time, the police in the hall of the bureau, as usual, warmly received the masses who came to apply for documents, patiently answered the masses about the registration, id cards and other kinds of consultation.During the Spring Festival, the household administration hall of the sub-bureau handled 132 ID cards for the masses, 15 household registration business, and answered 290 people’s inquiries.We have won praise from tourists and the public with our warm and considerate service.Lost articles perfect return to zhao, lost children returned to the mother’s arms, hit-and-run suspects were police successfully found…….During the Spring Festival, the public security of Lintong used the color of “police” to ensure the overall security and stability of social security in the whole area.