Longwen District launched “Spring breeze action and Employment Assistance month” action

2022-05-04 0 By

In order to do a solid job of “six stability” and “six guarantees”, and to serve enterprises and employment, Longwen District officially issued the action Plan of “Serving Enterprises and Employment”.This special action highlights the “precision” in focusing on the employment of key groups, and provides classified assistance and tailored policies to enable key groups to achieve employment;We will highlight “convenience” in the employment of enterprises, and provide “mother-like” services throughout the whole process so that enterprises can better feel the temperature of the policy. We will further provide better recruitment services for enterprises, help enterprises to bail out, and promote fuller and higher quality employment.New annual labor demand for enterprises, yong man zone on February concentrating on “spring breeze action and employment assistance month”, actively build two-way communication platform, unit of choose and employ persons and job seekers by “big and small” mode, provide recruitment activities, realize “let post into the village and into the community”, “” go out to employment.At the same time, in the “Talent gang” module of Longwen “E Qitong” (wechat mini program), we release recruitment information of various enterprises, build online and offline platforms, and help enterprises solve post-holiday employment needs through multiple channels and multiple ways.As of February 22, The Longwen District Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, together with Lantian Economic Development Zone and various towns and streets, has held 19 job fairs in the form of “large + small” and “online + offline”, including 2 large fairs, 16 small fairs and 1 online recruitment.Nearly 400 enterprises of various types participated in the recruitment activities, providing a total of nearly 7,300 positions, attracting more than 4,000 offline people to apply for jobs on site, and nearly 2,500 people achieved their intention.The online job fair was held by “Zhangzhou Talent network”, with a total of 1600 visits and 245 people reaching their intention.