Tangshan: The sixth day will usher in the return peak!These matters must be paid attention to!

2022-05-04 0 By

It is expected that from 14pm to 19pm on February 6th (the sixth day of the lunar Calendar), the peak time of return trip will be when the traffic pressure of return trip is higher than that of departure.Tangshan traffic police prompt the majority of drivers, return peak risk, cautious driving is safe.First, if there is a large traffic flow on the highway and traffic congestion occurs, please wait patiently and queue up for passage. Do not occupy the emergency lane, so as not to affect the passage of rescue vehicles.If the vehicle fails or needs to stop accidentally, it is necessary to open the danger alarm flash immediately and move the vehicle to a place where it does not interfere with traffic.If it is difficult to move, the flashing light of danger alarm shall be continuously opened, and a triangle warning board shall be placed 150 meters away from the direction of the coming vehicle, and the personnel on board shall be promptly transferred to a safe place to prevent the occurrence of secondary accidents.Two is the vehicle through the rural mountain road, to strictly control the speed, in the visual distance of bad sections to whistle warning, ready to stop.In the sharp curve steep slope, water cliff section, to slow down, pay attention to observe, do not force overtaking, forced meeting.Three is to take long-distance bus travel, to the passenger station to choose regular operation vehicles, do not get on the bus outside the station, resolutely resist overmanned passenger cars.Fasten your seat belt when taking a bus, and you can report illegal behaviors such as overcrowding, speeding and fatigue driving through telephone, text message and microblog.Chartered car travel, should pass regular passenger transport enterprises, choose vehicles and drivers with operating qualifications, according to the provisions of the procedures, not covet cheap or convenient chartered with illegal operation of the “black car”.Fourth, in case of snow, ice and fog weather, please minimize driving, especially to avoid the morning and midnight fog, dark ice time.In case of snow, ice, rain and fog on the way, we should “slow down”, “control distance” and “bright tail”, that is, reduce the speed of driving, keep a safe distance between vehicles, use lights correctly, and ensure that the reflective marks on the rear of large and medium-sized buses and freight vehicles are clearly visible.Pay attention to the weather forecast and safety warnings and travel tips issued by the public security traffic management department, make rational arrangements for travel, and avoid being stranded.Fifth, do not drink driving, drunk driving, to keep in mind that drink do not drive, drive do not drink, do not advise drivers.Fluke psychology, harm to harm;Disregard the law and you will be punished.