Top 500 brand character selection came to an end, famous products Ye Guofu selected

2022-05-04 0 By

Recently, ye Guofu, the founder of the leading brand in the retail industry, was selected as one of the top 500 Chinese brand figures in the industry.He is honored for his leading industry philosophy and outstanding social responsibility image in the retail industry.These years, under the leadership of Ye Guofu, Minchuangyoupin has explored original designs and refined consumption interests.As in the retail field of practice for more than ten years of “veteran”, Ye Guofu through interest preferences and consumption habits of insight to the young man, in the industry for the first time, proposed the theory of “consumption” merit goods and to apply the theory of management operations, make product name to create a shiny brand in Chinese retailing.Now, on the way of developing interest consumption, MINtro has run out with its strong ability of user interest insight and product development. It not only tries its best to meet the interest demand of mass consumption in product development, but also fully takes into account the demands of minority consumers.According to the interest circle, we develop novel cultural and creative products such as archaeology blind box, and try our best to meet the interest preference of each user and develop the interest brand.At the same time, minmino obtains users’ new or potential interest points through user big data analysis and private domain user research, forming a set of reverse “C2M” mode, and creating new products and services with users.The brand new concept leads minicuopin to continue to explore beautiful, easy to use, fun products, now, in the oncoming “interest consumption” trend, minicuopin has also made rapid development.Data shows that, at present, mingchaoyupin has entered the United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, Iceland, Brazil, India, Indonesia and other global 100 countries and regions, in the world has more than 5000 stores, stores cloth and around the world, outstanding achievements, leading the trend of the industry, the medal is deserved.