County tube law enforcement bureau: sanitation workers do not close the Spring Festival

2022-05-05 0 By

In order to cope with the garbage peak before the Spring Festival and create a beautiful and clean urban environment, all the staff of Liucheng County sanitation station set up the concept of sanitation service to the society, effectively do the work related to the normal and orderly operation of the overall operation process of sanitation, and ensure the stable, orderly and efficient operation of sanitation work before and after the Spring Festival.About 230 tons of garbage went to landfills every day during the Spring Festival, up 35 percent from normal.To protect citizens in a comfortable, clean atmosphere of been a good year, liucheng county 140 sanitation workers and more than 10 workers, landfill to on-the-job “not close” the Spring Festival, orange labor figure in the streets of the city of flashing, completes the road sweeping cleaning, trash pickup, garbage collection, transportation, municipal public toilet sanitation services such as cleaning, transit sanitizers security work,To the county people to create a clean and comfortable festival environment.