Da Yu’s humility saved him from the curse of jealousy

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Dayu’s personality, humility and generosity, he finally became the first generation of slave dynasty monarch, so how did he do not be hidden from the outside?It is said that yu is not born, his mother one day in a river water, and his mother’s name was 娡, also called a female one, married to a qixin’s wife, when she went to carry water, the sky suddenly appeared the rosy clouds, the magnificent job ‘s-tears fruit at the edge of the chardonnay, so women having the past picked a job ‘s-tears fruit in his mouth, but one not careful, the fruit was swallow the belly.After that, Youxi was pregnant in September, but still failed to give birth in the tenth month. On this day, she had a stomachache, so she gave birth to Dayu by caesarean section.Dayu’s father was Gun, a great-grandson of the Yellow Emperor, who was also a sub-clan of the Yellow Emperor’s tribe called the Xia clan.During the reign of Emperor Yao, Gun, His father, was appointed as a water officer to control floods. As a result, gun seldom came into his house to control floods along the Yellow River.Gun used the plugging method to control the flood. If it was raining a little, it could still prevent small floods, but when it rained heavily or was continuous, the plugging method was no longer useful.When Gun moved to the Central Plains from Chongdong, the flood disasters in the central Plains were endless. He used the water prevention method to control the flood disasters. During the long process of water control, Gun often got along with the people in the Central Plains, and as a result, his position in power rose rapidly and his prestige became higher and higher.Yao felt inferior to Gun and prestige, and felt that gun might replace him, so he ordered Shun to put gun to death for lack of water control, said Gun did not manage the flood, has been the central Plains throughout the continuous flood.After gun was executed, Yu, gun’s son, succeeded his father in flood control, so Yu inherited his father’s will and devoted himself wholeheartedly to flood control, so there came the story of Yu controlling the flood for 13 years, “passing through the house three times but not entering”. Yu decided to change his father’s blockage and conduct himself more carefully.The Yellow River was so well managed by Yu that Shun trusted Yu and thought he was a rare talent, but Yu was very careful and humble, and when praised by others, he would blame the achievements of flood control on the sovereign or his ministers.When Shun was dying, he wanted to hand over the throne to him, but Yu repeatedly refused, saying that the throne should be handed over to Shang Jun, son of Shun.After The death of Shun, Yu took refuge in the capital of Xiadi. He did not care about state affairs and was afraid of conflict with Shang Jun for the throne, so he returned to xiadi.But yu have been very high prestige, even individual ministers and governors elect him, for he came to the throne, and the dominating agents also had no choice but to originally, Yu Shiyu ascended the throne in the summer, and slavery was established China’s first dynasty xia dynasty, is the beginning of the first hereditary, the formation of the tax system.