Kulun traffic police hit a series of “combination” to optimize the law-based business environment

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Cullen traffic police hit series “combination” optimize business environment cullen public security traffic administration to rule by law “to meet 20 big, optimization of the rule of law to do business, service guarantee high quality development” the big discussion activity as an opportunity to think of enterprise, to enterprises of the nasty, transformation of the mode of service, shift work thinking, shift work,We will form a new “combination of measures” to help improve the law-based business environment and actively explore service enterprises.One, open the door to accept suggestion and door to ask the combination of suggestion.Traffic control brigade organized “open the door to accept remonstrance” “door to accept remonstrance” activities.Through to the enterprise responsible person, the area of the people issued police enterprise contact card and solicit opinions form, introduce the purpose of the visit, and the enterprise responsible person, the broad masses of discussions, in-depth communication and exchange, seriously listen to the enterprise, the masses of the traffic management work of the opinions and suggestions.In the activity, the majority of enterprise leaders and the masses based on their own industry characteristics and life reality, combined with their own experience and feelings as a traffic participant, on the vehicle driving management services, law enforcement, traffic safety facilities and other aspects of the comments and suggestions.In recent years, the business environment has been increasingly optimized, roads are safe and smooth, and the reform measures of “delegating power, delegating power, delegating power and providing services” are very convenient, he said.During the exchange, the police answered the traffic management business problems concerned by enterprises and the masses, and said that they would conscientiously comb the opinions and suggestions put forward by enterprises, and come up with effective and feasible plans for comprehensive improvement and fall.Two, free inspection, door-to-door inspection, nearby inspection combination.Based on serving the people, the DMV continues to launch green channel, providing green window for handling large and medium-sized and type passenger and truck business, and handling business in advance;The implementation of the “weekend free car inspection” measures, in order to solve the problem of enterprise working days is not convenient car inspection, the DMV use weekends to carry out car inspection audit, to ensure that the motor vehicle inspection institutions Saturday and Sunday to carry out motor vehicle safety technical inspection services;Booking vehicle inspection service through the mobile phone APP 12123, and the mobile security inspection agency will provide free pick-up and delivery service;We innovated and launched the “Smart Car Management” wechat mini program to create an integrated platform for car driving management business information, set up navigation functions of specific branches, and select nearby branches for one-click query and help to quickly handle relevant car driving management business.Three, the combination of quick handling of minor accidents and fine handling of major accidents.Traffic accident treatment mode reform, in addition to major accidents, accident report, special vehicles, such as complicated case outside the general procedure of case by the early response and disposal, depending on the nature to hand over the case accident squadron police to deal with the work plan, is helping the public security traffic “pipes” reform, seize the “small accident fast, fine to do” a huge accident of the train of thought,Also from the service enterprises and the masses, convenient enterprises and the masses, to provide more efficient management and services for the parties involved in the traffic accident, aimed at comprehensively promoting the reform of accident handling work, aimed at shortening the waiting period for enterprises and the masses to deal with the accident, save the economic loss caused by the loss of time.Four, eliminate hidden road sections and improve the combination of traffic conditions.Centralized investigation and rectification of accident-prone, frequent road sections and dangerous road sections in the jurisdiction, and the establishment of working ledger of hidden trouble investigation and treatment results.A total of 11 hidden dangers of road traffic safety were investigated, 12 speed bumps were added, 6 warning flashing lights were added, 2 safety warning signs and 4 convex lenses were added to achieve the effect of standing in row and standing in reform.In view of the road traffic safety concerns repeatability, seasonal characteristics, keep the area road regular screening repeatedly, timely detection, timely report, governance concerns for related functional department to provide timely, comprehensive and accurate information about the hidden trouble and governance, at the same time tracking and regularly sent a letter to the rectification process, ensure smooth road safety practically eliminate the road traffic safety hidden trouble.Next, the public security traffic control department will continue to collect the golden ideas, item by item suggestions, face-to-face list, hanging on the wall, marking the time limit, item by item correction and rectification.In the meantime, we will continue to open our doors and welcome transportation participants to continue to participate in the golden ideas contest.