Liaoning Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) issued the first RCEP certificate of origin in Dalian Free Trade Zone

2022-05-05 0 By

Dalian news media group reporter Zheng Hong yesterday, the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement RCEP formally took effect on South Korea, liaoning Council for the Promotion of International Trade dalian free Trade area commercial certification service window, dalian free trade zone Mingqing Trade Co., Ltd. issued the first destination country for South Korea’s RCEP certificate of origin.Companies with this certificate of origin will enjoy zero tariff and tax reduction of us $1,122.RCEP agreement was signed, dalian free trade area surrounding the RCEP, advanced research, system design, and the province ccpit linkage will lead to the international commercial certification business acceptance window area administrative service hall, the enterprise can be directly in the lobby for area registration of certificate of origin and other commercial certification business, deal with certificate of origin to enjoy tax incentives for businesses to provide convenient.Dalian Free Trade Zone attaches great importance to developing economic and trade cooperation with South Korea.At present, South Korea has become the second largest trading partner in Dalian area. The integrated circuit industry, which takes the area as the main production base, has increased its export to South Korea from 0.05 billion US dollars to about 1 billion US dollars in recent 5 years, with a compound growth rate of nearly 200 times.It is learnt that in the first year when RCEP came into effect for the ROK, 38.6 percent of goods from China and the ROK were immediately reduced to zero tariff, and 86 percent were eventually reduced to zero tariff.Henceforth, preferential trade agreements between China and South Korea will have the RCEP, China and South Korea free trade agreement and the asia-pacific trade agreement, etc. 3, will bring tariffs more to foreign trade companies and consumers, cargo customs clearance faster, low export costs are a series of dividend, especially for South Korea’s export quota of larger enterprises, export tariffs will be greatly reduced.To seize RCEP Han Shengxiao opportunities, dalian dalian free trade area at the end of last year and South Korea trade pavilion, dalian peoples YunCang technology incubation park co., LTD, China and South Korea held repeatedly RCEP and FTA policy using the presentation, to introduce to Korea trade, cross-border electricity enterprise using the RCEP and china-south Korea FTA rules to expand trade, gathered Korea high quality products to Korea.As RCEP takes effect in South Korea, Dalian Free Trade Zone will further promote the construction of export base to South Korea and make full use of RCEP rules to continuously expand exchanges and cooperation with South Korea in electronic information, medical beauty, new energy, design research and development, cross-border e-commerce and other fields.