Monthly average sales over 10,000, new Hyundai Elantra launched, new limited edition models

2022-05-05 0 By

The performance of Korean cars in The Chinese market continued to be sluggish in 2021. Hyundai’s sales volume in China was 385,000 units, down 23.3% year on year, while Kia’s sales volume fell to 158,500 units in 2021, down 27% year on year.It is a fact that Korean cars have fallen out of favor in The Chinese market, but Korean brands continue to release new cars.Recently, the Beijing Hyundai Elantra, one of the best performing Korean brands in the Chinese market, was introduced.According to statistics, hyundai Elantra sold more than 130,000 units in 2021, with monthly sales exceeding 10,000.Monthly sales reached 17,000 in December.Elantra is a global model introduced by Beijing Hyundai, which is relatively rare in the current product line of modern brands.Positioned as a compact car, the styling design has not been significantly modified compared with overseas versions.The overall design is young and slightly radical, but also has a certain sense of advanced.The domestic version of Elantra is equipped with 1.5L+CVT and 1.4T+7DCT powertrains, which can meet different consumer needs.The rear suspension is definitely torsion beam type.The driving texture of Elantra compared with its predecessor models (Lang Move, lead move) has significantly improved, in the same price model is also relatively excellent.Beijing Hyundai recently launched a new elantra.There are 9 models in total and the price range is 99,800 to 141,800 yuan.Two new black Knight limited edition models will be available in space Gray and Phantom Black.In addition, the new car’s front grille, wheel rims and other parts of the black coating.With the exception of the two new limited edition models, the rest of the models have been slightly upgraded.For example, the whole system is equipped with 6 air bags, while the minimum of the old model is only 4 air bags.All system upgraded steering wheel four-way adjustment, all system standard backseat air conditioning air outlet.The new launch of the upgrade or more sincere.Hyundai Elantra starts at less than 100,000 yuan, and there are certain discounts, plus some official sales policies, such as complimentary full insurance and free basic maintenance for the first owner.Considering the size and the fact that it is a global model, the cost performance is relatively outstanding. It is a model worth considering at around 100,000 yuan.