“We don’t talk hard anymore. We can’t stand it without China!”

2022-05-05 0 By

As a loyal ally of the United States, Australia has been acting as the “anti-China” vanguard of the United States in the past two years, provoking China everywhere and releasing inappropriate remarks related to China for many times. As a result, the relations between China and Australia have taken a turn for the worse, and the two countries have not held ministerial dialogue for a long time.In addition, Because Australia was determined to go its own way, damaging China’s core interests and damaging the diplomatic relations between China and Australia, China would not sit idly by, so it launched a series of countermeasures such as anti-dumping against Australia. Under the influence of this, Australia’s economy was affected, and all this was caused by Australia’s own fault.Recently, however, some far-sighted people in Australia have recognized the wrong decision made by the Australian government and called on it to handle relations with China in an objective and rational manner.It is no exaggeration to say that Australia depends on China in many ways for its development. When relations between China and Australia deteriorate, it is the Australian companies and people who suffer the most.When it comes to iron ore, China is irreplaceable for Australia.Australia Rio tinto is the world’s iron ore giants, production and operation, according to a report last year, they hand over the result is not optimistic, whether in ore production or shipments have larger, more important is, their after much lowered full-year target, even did not finish, it is undoubtedly a heavy hammer for the group.While accepting this reality, they also recognize the importance of working with China.The group also analyzed the reasons for this situation, one is supply chain problems, the other is labor shortage, and China is the key to the global revenue of Rio Tinto Group, so in order to change the current business difficulties, we must maintain a good relationship with China and maintain this huge market.In addition, the shortage of medical resources caused by the severe epidemic is also a major challenge facing Australia.Under the double attack of Delta and Omicron, the deterioration of the epidemic in Australia is beyond people’s imagination.Under such circumstances, the government needs medical resources more urgently.At present, Australia has insufficient COVID-19 testing reagents, and most of these reagents come from China. Chinese Spring Festival is approaching, and factories will generally reduce or stop production, which is a big crisis for Australia.Australia relies on China for the rest of its agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and so on. China is an irreplaceable market for both imports and exports.The Current Morrison government knows the status quo and the only way out is to rely on China.If Australia continues with its current attitude towards China, the crisis it will face will get worse and worse.But no matter what, It is absolutely true that China is a country That Australia cannot live without.Part of the news reference source: Guangzhou Daily