During the Spring Festival, I measured the story of Zheng Qingshan, engineering power Department of Gang-Meilan Airport, with his feet

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During the Spring Festival of 2022, when we are in a hurry, we may notice a touch of “yellow” in the terminal building. They are the Spring Festival transport guarantee of the engineering power Department of Haikou Meilan International Airport (hereinafter referred to as “Meilan Airport”).Zheng Qingshan is a Communist Party member and an environmental supervisor at the airport.The Spring Festival, he toured the airport every day the size of sewage treatment equipment, the airport every manhole cover, each grate, he has memorized in heart.This year marks his 23rd year of protecting the Spring Festival. He measures the airport with his feet to ensure the safety of equipment operation.”It doesn’t matter if you work hard and don’t make mistakes. The most important thing is to ensure safety during the Spring Festival.”Zheng qingshan often tells the environmental protection station team members.At present, Meilan Airport has 101 kilometers of sewage pipes, 155 kilometers of rainwater pipes, about 1,300 toilets in dormitory buildings, functional areas and terminal buildings, more than 13,000 functional areas, sewage from inlet and outlet roads, rainwater cover boards, 5 integrated lifting pump stations, 294 drainage pumps and 1 vertical slide pump station.Maintain 14 sets of oil isolation equipment, 21 individual building sewage equipment and facilities, central control system, water system, monitoring system, dosing system, etc.During the Spring Festival, Zheng Qingshan and his team members increased the frequency of inspection, and took up tools hundreds of times a day to patrol, inspect and maintain. Their footprints were everywhere in the field, writing a new chapter of security.In the event of an emergency, Zheng Qingshan rushed to the scene at the first time and raced against time for repair. In the narrow operation room and the long operation, his clothes were soaked with sweat.Zheng Qingshan uses years of work experience and technical ability to solve the problems encountered, more than 20 years as one day, the courage to take responsibility, awe responsibility.In the eyes of outsiders, most airport jobs are glamorous, but behind the glamorous scenes are the stains on their clothes, the dust on their fingertips, the sweat on their foreheads, and the persistence and faith in their hearts.Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Meilan Airport has focused on epidemic prevention and control while ensuring safe operation. With the increase of passenger flow during the Spring Festival, epidemic prevention work cannot be ignored.As a party member, Zheng qingshan played a leading role in strictly controlling the closed disposal process of waste related to epidemic disease to ensure “zero outflow” and prevent secondary pollution.He organized the establishment of the epidemic area garbage disposal pioneer team, became a garbage disposal epidemic prevention soldier, strictly control epidemic prevention garbage collection, transportation process.Zheng Qingshan and his team members treat their work seriously and carefully, and follow up every link and form a closed loop. It is thousands of civil aviation personnel like zheng Qingshan who act as pioneers, lead by example and shoulder heavy responsibilities, silently practicing the original intention and mission of civil aviation personnel on their posts.With blood and sweat, guard the reunion of thousands of people, deduce the happy Spring Festival on the post.