He is deputy chief of the general staff of the Eighth Route Army. He was governor of Shanxi Province, and his son is the former director of the central Health Bureau

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Our party in the middle of the early turco should be widely known, while work in this department are with special skills, such as the well-known Gu Shunzhang, founding general Chen Geng etc., especially Gu Shunzhang, is, indeed, says veteran, mastered a lot of secrets, our party and hand but so important person choose the betrayal,In the end, it caused tremendous losses to our party.Gu Shunzhang’s defection, and later Chen Geng’s transfer, at this time of nature still need someone to continue to take over their positions, and the protagonist of this article is the person who succeeded, and he served in the central special branch of the intelligence section and action section chief, he is Comrade Wang Shiying.Is relative to many of our party elders, wang shiying the name absolutely not let a person familiar with, but comrade wang shiying is absolutely an old revolutionary, as early as in 1925 joined the communist party of China, and also in the whampoa military academy in the fourth period studied, and our army of Lin biao is alumni during this period, after wang shiying for our party and has made many achievements in silence,And his revolutionary career also experienced many ups and downs.Wang shiying, was born in 1905, was born in shanxi hongtong, when national normal school in taiyuan were fired by regularly participate in the patriotic student movement, though there were no defeat wang shiying’s morale, after he joined the communist party of China, and in our party’s behest to enter oneself for an examination the famous huangpu military academy.The next wang shiying also experienced many big things, like the second crusade battle, northern expedition, Chiang kai-shek staged a counter-revolutionary coup in 1927 is undoubtedly to our caused great disaster, but has not defeat wang shiying revolutionary faith, soon he was sent to henan national revolutionary army soldiers transported the 19th military to be engaged in,After that, he also successively served as the special committee of The Communist Party of China north Anhui, bozhou sub-committee members.However, since 1931, Wang Shiying from engaged in military movement work into a secret agent career, his task is to secretly carry out intelligence work in Nanjing, in addition to the secret development of our party personnel in the National government.With the outbreak of the War of Resistance against Japanese aggression, Wang Shiying respectively served as the director of the Eighth Route Army in Shanxi office, the eighth Route Army headquarters deputy chief of staff, shanxi, Hebei, Shandong and Henan military region deputy chief of staff.By the way, in the famous Rectification movement in Yan ‘an, Wang Shiying saw that some comrades might be too big for some problems, so he complained for them, so that he also suffered some minor setbacks.During the War of Liberation, Wang Shiying also held many important positions, such as chief of staff of Tianjin Military Administration committee and deputy commander of Tianjin Police, during which he made great achievements in leading the intelligence work in North China.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Wang Shiying served as vice chairman of Shanxi Provincial People’s Government, secretary of CPC Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Shanxi Province, and full-time member of CPC Central Supervisory Commission, etc. However, in the special period, Wang Shiying encountered certain setbacks again, and was not exonerated until 1979.And comrade Wang Shiying’s son is also very talented, he is the former director of the central Health bureau Wang Minqing, Wang Minqing’s job is to do health care work for the central head, and in his more than 30 years in office, it is not a mistake, is respected as “red wall doctor”!