Mo LAN and Such as LAN can attend the class of zhuang scholar, why Sheng Hong does not want To attend the class of Ming LAN?

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Shing lee family promotion moved to settled bian city, is to catch up on the children’s education, because before in yangzhou do on sainted pedant kind, zhuang sheng lee took the village pedant please go to the home to teach their children to study, in order not to waste the resources, shing lee also let daughters and son together listening to lectures, in the society, the innocence is the virtue for womenHe’s already a pretty open-minded father.Strangely, When Sheng Hong discussed this matter with the old lady, it was only going to let The Black orchid and such as orchid go to class, to minglan darling stay beside the old lady sheng, the reason is that Minglan is too young to suffer, and his mother has just passed away and his mind is wandering hard to concentrate on the lecture.Sheng old lady listen to feel wrong, insist to let Ming LAN to read knowledge, or do a wise man in the future, Sheng Hong ao however mother just loose mouth.At first, when Listening to Sheng’s speech, he will feel sorry for Ming LAN, but after a little reflection, something is wrong. Ming LAN is only half a year younger than Ru LAN. If she is too young, how old ru LAN is?However, wei xiaonang’s affairs had been handled well for a period of time. The Sheng family had moved from Yangzhou to Bianjing, and Ming LAN had gone out of the pain of losing her mother under the care of the old lady. How could her mind be erratic?This is clearly sheng Hong does not want To let Ming LAN go to class.Then the question comes: Mo LAN and Ru LAN can attend the class of the scholar. Why doesn’t Sheng Hong want Ming LAN to attend the class as well?If only because lily of valley age is too small, that as long as she grew up to go to the lecture again some is the same, but look at the old lady that no doubt posture, like a missed opportunity lily of valley is not learned, it seems also means listening to the shing lee shing lee it’s in retaliation for the old lady raised moran refused the quarrel!Since Hua LAN after the appointment, Sheng Hong in front of the old lady strongly recommended her to raise the Ink orchid, even if wei Niang for his body two lives of the body is not cold, Sheng Hong also want to let the old lady to raise the ink orchid rather than Ming LAN, the difference forced the ink orchid into the sheng old lady shouantang.Although the old lady with wei Aunt and Sheng Hong persuaded Sheng Hong, but Sheng Hong also know that the old lady in the heart do not want to accept The Ink orchid, otherwise early words to the ink orchid in the past, it will not be this situation, he also need not break faith in Lin xiaoniang.Now that the lady refused to listen to adopt lily of valley, shing lee wants to throw the daughter was completely give DiMu upbringing, he will be interesting to see how the old lady as the wood lily of valley teach good, even if he agreed with lily of valley village pedant class, the early stage of shing lee the daughter also don’t have any hope of honor to the family, until the lily of valley is office ordinary attack two brothers and sisters to talk to the office to society,Sheng Hong was amazed by her sentence “It is better to be a pure minister”, and gradually put the expectation of Mo LAN on Ming LAN.Perhaps people will think that No matter how much Ming LAN is sheng Hong’s own flesh and blood, so they will not treat her in this way. However, as long as thinking about the sufferings Ming LAN has suffered during these years with Xiaoniang Wei, they will believe that This is what Sheng Hong can do.Ming LAN has been ignored by her father since she was young, because she is not expected to be born by Sheng Hong, Ming LAN to win back the dowry to save the face of the Sheng Family, Sheng Hong did not want to visit this daughter, Ming LAN shivers in the cold wind, Can’t See her thin clothes and no stove in hand?So shing lee will take lily of valley and the old lady afraid it’s no surprise, is looking forward to the birth of lily of valley of original sin, since shing lee never expect to lily of valley, that he doesn’t expect the daughter can give what is filled with the glory, not reading is also just as well, the old lady will teach teach, don’t teach when I grew up can find personal home for lily of valley also confessed,He and the Sheng family have no loss.