Russian beauty is considered by the United States to be a spy, sentenced 18 months closed 10 months only, be true matter or conspiracy?

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In 2019, a Russian beauty named Maria became a sensation in the United States after she was convicted of espionage and sentenced to 18 months in prison.Confusingly, she was released early, just 10 months later, and the United States has kept quiet about it ever since.You know, spying is a serious crime, and once caught, you can’t return to your country for 10 years, but the US arrest and release is totally confusing.It is for this reason that Putin, upon learning of The news of Maria’s arrest, immediately launched a “fire” at the United States, claiming that the United States fabricated false charges out of nothing and simply trampled on the law with violence to recover lost face.What did Maria do to make America lose face?And what happened to her when she returned to Russia?Maria was born in 1988 in Banaur, a small city in Russia, which is 3,700 kilometers away from the capital, Moscow.Due to its proximity to the forest and the low pressure of life, Banaur’s parents often take its residents into the mountains to hunt from birth, which has resulted in the town producing few technical talents, but many gun enthusiasts.By the age of six, Maria had mastered the use of a hunting rifle, and by the age of 13, she had single-handedly killed a bear.When she was told it was too dangerous to hunt large predators, she ignored them, tracking them for a week or two and choosing the right moment to pull the trigger.In other words, while other residents tend to enjoy the hunt, Maria is more interested in the results.Perhaps it was this character that made Maria less and less satisfied with the monotony of small-town life after she added wolves, bears and other animals to her trophies.He began to focus on his studies.At the age of 20, she studied hard and enrolled at a university in Ekaterinburg, majoring in international relations.In 2011, Maria came to the United States with the qualification to study abroad. If she only liked hunting before, then after coming to the United States, the dazzling array of weapons made her pick up guns again.While she was finishing school, she started an organization about rifles.It is well known that us residents can legally own guns, and it is because of this that Maria, with her Russian fortitude and mastery of firearms, soon gained many members of her organization.That’s why America’s official National Rifle Association is working with her.She sometimes shoots video tutorials on guns to pay for her education and attends gun shows to enrich her knowledge.After gaining so many fans, an American official named Paul was impressed by Maria’s charm.A gun enthusiast and campaign adviser to Donald Trump, She and Paul became romantically involved as they exchanged views.So far, Maria also from an ordinary Russian student, to understand the inside of the United States.But she is more fascinated by bullets that don’t bend than by America’s partisan rivalries.The fact that Maria studied hard for college so she could enter gun shows around the world suggests that she is more of a pure dreamer than an ambitious hunter.Because of this, In the relationship with Paul, Maria gradually found that his mind is too delicate, too many secrets, is not what she expected, so after two years, she broke up.But America’s ever-wary politicians think otherwise.In 2018, The Democratic Party launched a lawsuit against Malia, claiming that she was an outright Russian spy who interfered in the US election by getting close to Trump advisers and successfully elected him president.As we just talked, Malia broke up with Paul in early 2014, and Donald didn’t enter the presidential race until 2016.It is clear that Malia is nothing more than a victim in the political battle between republicans and Democrats.That’s why, in court and under fire from the media, She said the United States was only holding her because she was Russian, and that In her home country, Vladimir Putin would never allow such a violation of the law.I have to say that Maria was very courageous, at a time when Russia and the United States were at war, her words were the equivalent of detonating a bomb.In Mr Putin’s learn their national was framed by the United States, the time is also very angry, not only the general office of the President issued a statement, said maria has not worked in Moscow, so can’t be a Russian spy, at the same time, he also himself shelled the Democrats in the United States, said its competition trump, however, is to find a Russian girl students when shield.But in the outside world feel angry about Maria, she suddenly admitted that he is a Russian spy, more confusing is, after the United States skipped all judicial procedures, directly announced maria will be sentenced to 18 months in prison.Even Americans were outraged, demanding a full list of her crimes, while former fans took to social media saying it was cowardly of Democrats to take out their anger on a young girl.In the face of outrage in both Countries, the U.S. government kept quiet about Maria’s sentencing, and when reporters asked about it later, the officials said, “No comment.”At this point, friends may wonder why Maria admitted to being a Russian spy when Putin had her back.Originally, after the arrest, Maria once firmly claimed that he is innocent, but the United States has tortured him to confess, but also put forward the condition of reducing the sentence as long as willing to admit.You know, Maria is an ordinary college student, where can withstand such torture, holding the idea of admitting that he is a spy.Because of this, the American government, which knew it was wrong, did not dare to admit its mistake and carefully sentenced Maria to 18 months in prison.However, Maria never expected that after she was put in prison, the United States torture her no less.She was serving time in a Florida prison, where other women had rooms of about 10 square meters. Her room was less than 5 square meters, and there was no window.Prison guards even made Maria work 20-hour shifts, which at one point left her with a severe waist problem.By this time, Maria’s mentality has also changed, she gradually understand that she is “wrong” is a Russian, in the Anti-Russian sentiment in the United States, judicial justice, procedural justice is not exist.If before she had no feelings of family and country, just willing to pursue their dreams, then now she finally understand that she can firmly stand behind her, only her motherland.As a result, Maria began to stand up to her abusive guards in prison and often read stories about Putin aloud.The soft fear the hard, and perhaps fearing that other prisoners might be influenced by her words, she was only 10 months into her sentence when American authorities commuted her sentence and sent her back to Russia as quickly as possible.As she stepped off the plane, many people spontaneously gave her flowers and applause.Since then, Maria has become the host of The talk of Russia show.The show is known for mocking the United States, and maria, who has anchor experience, often makes the audience laugh with humorous and sarcastic words.In addition, she wrote a book called “Prison Diary” to complain about the abuse and injustice she had suffered in the United States.I have to say, Maria finally study in the United States, but was arrested for no reason, obviously is very unlucky, but from another point of view, 10 months of training also let her know her country again, when the United States was tortured, the real voice for her only Russia.