Shanghai Chinese Orchestra performs “Happiness and Reunion” for The Lantern Festival

2022-05-06 0 By

On the occasion of the Lantern Festival, the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra’s grand feast “Happiness and Reunion” was held at the Shanghai Concert Hall as scheduled.This concert is the closing performance of the 2021-2022 Season of Shanghai Chinese Orchestra. In the warm and peaceful music, the orchestra members gather together with the audience again. Thank you for your company and support in the past year, and start a beautiful journey in the New Year.This year’s “Happy and Peaceful Reunion” is conducted by the orchestra’s two young conductors, Yao Shenshen and Peng Fei.The whole performance is the best works of contemporary folk music, many of which are performed by Shanghai Chinese Orchestra for the first time.The concert was opened by German composer Christian Yost’s folk orchestra “Oriental Flavor”. The epic musical language and aesthetic style of blending east and west show the spirit of Shanghai city, and also symbolize the blessing of rising east and renewing everything.Born in the 1980s, composer Kong Zhixuan created Marimba, Yueqin and the band “Colorful Clouds Leisurely”, which was performed by the orchestra’s performers Hu Jiaqian and Yang Jing. The rich instruments played against each other show the gorgeous melody like clouds, creating a wonderful style of colorful clouds south.Konghou by famous composer Liu Xijin and the band, Fire Phoenix, is a work full of philosophy of life.With the exquisite performance of Liu Xuanyi, the harp performer in the orchestra, the artistic style of the work featuring harmony of harp and natural grandeur was demonstrated.The folk orchestra “Da Ge”, based on dong da Ge, is the work of wang Jianmin, a famous composer. The colorful modern composition techniques show the cultural charm of minority music, among which the harmony and sound with Oriental color are particularly thought-giving.Colorful Sum — Song of the Wind is a classic work created by zhang Chao, a famous composer. The stretching music brings the vastness and freedom of the prairie, and the excitement is overwhelming like galloping a horse.Li Bochan, the post-90s composer, created the Erhu and the band “String Song”, which was performed by lu Lu, the erhu player in the orchestra. With the strings as the heart, the erhu sings great love and harmony, and the great music to the land. The work expresses the emotion to the national history and the praise to the national culture.Li Bo, a young composer, wrote the song Guanzi and the band’s Back in the Afterglow, which describes a gathering under the setting sun with prose music, “for the sake of the east wind, come to the night to make the rest of my happiness”. With this song, I wish all the friends who travel far away, and also look forward to the next reunion.The concert ends with the national orchestral ode to the Sun created by the young composer Wang Danhong. The melodious and euphemistic notes and the grand melody present the landscape pictures of bashan and Shu Waters, and the classical music material of The Sun Comes out to Express the optimism and courage of The Chinese people.The works of ethnic bands with contemporary aesthetics bring happiness and harmony to this traditional festival.The new journey has begun, and the 2022-2023 performance season of Shanghai Chinese Orchestra is in full swing. We hope to refresh the audience’s expectation of folk music with more new ideas and presentations.Shanghai Chinese Orchestra photo by Jiang Fang Editor: Tong Weijing Responsible editor: Wang Xueying *