Shanghai property tax new standard released!

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New house purchase price > 81,948 yuan, the tax rate is 0.6% (tax dividing line,Shanghai municipal bureau of statistics said last year’s new housing sales price * 2) nearly a decade of Shanghai object of property tax levy taxes dividing line 1, city residents family after 2011 years in this city a new purchase and inhabitants belong to the family the second set of housing and above (including the new purchase of second-hand housing stock and the new commodity housing) 2, the city residents family 2011 years later, in the new housing in the cityArea of the city’s residents are granted per capita 60 square meters of tax-exempt housing area (refers to the housing construction area) excluding the tax-exempt area of the total housing area of the combined calculation of the total housing area of the residents of the new housing area and other housing areas of the total calculation formula tax payable = taxed area * new purchase unit price *70%* tax rate ★ For example:1, for example, a family of 3, the first house 50 square meters, the new purchase of the second house 110 square meters, the unit price of 50,000 yuan/square meters, how much property tax to pay?Tax area =50 square meters +110 square meters -60*3 square meters =-20 square meters does not exceed the tax free housing area standard of 60 square meters per capita, free of property tax 2, for example, a family of 3, the first suite 100 square meters.Newly purchased second suite 120 square meters, unit price 50000 yuan/square meters.How much property tax do you pay?Tax area =220㎡-60*3㎡=40㎡ Unit price of new house purchase =50000 Yuan /㎡ Tax rate =0.4% Property tax payable =40×50000×70%×0.4%=5600 yuan Time of payment ★ Before December 31 every year with the original valid identity certificate to the relevant tax authorities to report and pay the tax payable for the current year ★ over1) Paypass website (, paypass APP paypass is the only designated personal property tax payment channel of Shanghai Taxation Bureau.You can inquire about property taxes, pay property taxes, overdue taxes and late fees.2) Bank of Shanghai, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank and Postal Savings Bank of China can pay property tax.3) special tax window the tax window of the real estate transaction center in the area where the taxable housing is located, or the special window of the personal housing property tax in the tax service hall of the Tax Bureau in the area where the taxable housing is located.Source: first real estate editor: Li Wanqi Lu Jiaqi let weekly accompany you around