Suzhou Red Cross went to the grassroots to carry out Spring Festival condolance activities

2022-05-06 0 By

, this net news (special correspondent Li) in the coming New Year, to vigorously carry forward the “humanitarian, fraternity and dedication” spirit of the Red Cross, to help the needy warm holiday, on January 29, suzhou city Red Cross teams to ZhuXianZhuang Town condolences to veterans and families, and to them to oil, flour, Spring Festival couplet, quilts and other caffeine arts.”How are you now?””Are there any difficulties in life?”At each place, the staff asked about everyone’s health, daily life and other circumstances.”I thank the Party and the government for their years of care for me, thank you,” Chen Daoqian, an 81-year-old destitute, cried as he took the hands of the workers.The staff encouraged him to face the difficulties in life positively and always keep an optimistic and cheerful mood.At the home of huang Guanghui, a 92-year-old veteran of the War to resist the United States and aid Korea, he excitedly told the audience about his extraordinary years as a machine gunner on the Korean battlefield. “As an old retired soldier, I feel very proud. I live in a warm socialist family, full of happiness and sense of honor.”The pre-festival condolence activities, a total of 5 visits to retired soldiers, 6 families in difficulty, the Red Cross care warmth to the hearts of the masses, close the distance with the masses, let them spend a happy, peaceful, happy Spring Festival.Editor: Yu Xinxin Editor: Chen Yushun