The man who fled the ticket gate lied about his name, was arrested by the Shenzhen iron police

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On March 30, shenzhen railway public Security bureau learned that dongguan police station recently arrested a fugitive suspected of theft.It all started on March 22.On the morning of the same day, dongguan police station police patrol in the waiting room, found a male passenger hovering at the ticket barrier.After seeing the police, the man immediately turned around and walked quickly to the corner of the waiting room and sat down.Feel some abnormal, the police will come forward to inquire.At first, the man prevaricated and called himself Yang mou.But after the police check the identity and ticket information, found that the document information and self-reported name inconsistent.After further investigation, the police found that the man is online fugitive Qiu mou, then qiu mou back to the police station.At the police station, Qiu confessed to his suspected theft.According to his account, before this year’s Spring Festival, he and his friends about to play cards, two people to discuss their respective 5,000 yuan to raise 10,000 yuan, won two people to share.But did not expect, just in the past more than ten minutes, 10,000 yuan was lost by two people.Qiu a friend did not give up, told Qiu his car and money, let Qiu to take 10000 yuan.When he went to his friend’s car to withdraw money, Qiu found 20,000 yuan in his friend’s bag.Recall oneself just lost money, qiu mou more think more unwilling, then secretly take away the remaining 10,000 yuan.After returning home, Qiu handed 10,000 won to a friend and went to the other side to gamble with the 10,000 won, hoping to make a profit.But things backfired, and soon they were clean again.After the two went home, Qiu’s friend found the remaining 10,000 yuan missing and called Qiu to question her.After getting qiu mou’s affirmative reply, the friend asks Qiu Mou to return as soon as possible, and qiu Mou always evades with various excuses in the next many months.After the Spring Festival, Qiu mou went to Dongguan to work, Qiu mou friends repeatedly asked for fruitless, in the local and can not find Qiu Mou, to the local police.Local police through investigation, identify Qiu mou’s behavior belongs to larceny, then qiu Mou is listed as a person on the run on the net.March 22 that day, Qiu mou originally planned to go to Guangzhou from Dongguan by car to find a job, because of the guilty conscience, saw the patrol police thought is to catch their own, subconscious reported a false name, did not expect to be found out immediately.At present, suspect Qiu mou is suspected of theft, has been shenzhen railway public security to take compulsory measures.Shenzhen Evening News reporter Gao Lingling correspondent Zhao Yating Lu Siyu statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will be timely processing.Email address: