BLG lost, IG stopped winning streak, UZI debut Jinx sparked hot discussion, theshy comments on the key to winning!

2022-05-07 0 By

Hello, everyone! Welcome to this edition of esports. I’m Xiao Hao!I believe that those who follow LPL events know that in the game between BLG and IG on February 17th, a very sensational event happened, that is, the legendary LPL player UZI officially entered the game.For this news, I believe the fans are also waiting for a long time, after all, it has been too long too long to see him play.In addition, even if he did not play, he was still ridiculed by black fans, so fans have been waiting for this chance to turn over.It has to be said that UZI’s hard power is really unbeatable in terms of his performance on the court, with all sorts of pulls and moves coming back to peak form.In the first game of his debut game, UZI took off AD in the middle of the wind and killed BLG at the bottom of the front tooth tower. BLG should have lost 2-0, but was saved by UZI.There’s no need to worry about UZI’s form, it’s like DNA in his bones, and when it comes to the game he’ll be able to shine.However, it is a pity that the BP choice of BLG obviously went wrong, and weiwei, the wild player, was really reckless and left the death group battle for many times.IG players follow the “open god” strategy, as long as they can drive UZI, they will throw all skills at UZI’s face.Plus IG is a multi-circle lineup, Zhao Xin and Gwen enter at the same time, UZI will be completely unable to operate, Titan big move also only to UZI, highlight a only kill AD.To be honest, Uzco did his best in his debut, he was able to do everything he could, and he didn’t make a big mistake in the whole race, which was pretty scary.Considering UZI had not played in the ring in 895 days, it was a shocking performance.I believe that as long as we give him more opportunities to warm up, he will be back!On top of that, shortly after the game ended, Theshy made a corresponding comment.Theshy livestream said: the game, the left side won, Zeri took the team has not lost, Zeri good, my feeling is so, no matter what hero only zeri won.(Barrage: TES?IG: IG is playing very well, but I don’t know how to say it, the top single game, the top nakano game.Xiao Hao’s opinion: take this BLG and IG competition as an example, first of all IG performance is really good, the month is really fierce now, ruiz all kinds of flash open group look numb!As for BLG, the BP problem is obvious, and Zeli should be taken seriously.For the big picture: let UZI play more warm-up games for BLG in the future, then maybe the BLG cap can be raised, and it won’t be a problem to reach worlds!What do you think of UZI’s debut and theshy’s comments?Welcome to leave comments and discuss