The Spring Festival I on-the-job | Zhao Jiqing: the youth without regret, bear with me

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There is a dedication called adherence, there is a silent loyalty.The Spring Festival is reunion, happiness and companionship.When the Spring Festival approaching, when everyone hurried packing set off on a journey home, when we sat together sharing family reunion dinner, relatives and friends with everyone enjoy the joy of the Spring Festival, there is always a special group, for their own responsibility and mission, for the sake of peace and happiness of the people, s home during Spring Festival, for everybody ready, silently,Always stick to the first line of combat readiness, fire prevention and fire fighting.Zhao Jiqing is one of them.Zhao Jiqing, born in March 1995, a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC), started work in September 2014 and is now the monitor of Class 2 of Donghuan Special Service Station of Qianxinan Fire Rescue Detachment.From a firefighter to a business backbone, after many positions of hone, he wisdom and courage in the “tip of the knife” to perform the hymns, with blood and sincerity to write the youth without regret, has won the personal third-class merit once, many times the superior commendation.This year, Zhao Jiqing opened the sixth Spring Festival in this ordinary and special professional position in the fire rescue team.On New Year’s Eve, at 8 o ‘clock in the morning, he led the team to carry out daily equipment inspection and maintenance;At 9 o ‘clock, they came to Mengle City with peace gifts to carry out fire propaganda, explain fire safety knowledge, distribute fire New Year gifts, teach the use of fire equipment;During the Spring Festival, many people stuck to their posts together with Zhao Jiqing. Although they could not go home for the Spring Festival, the atmosphere of the Spring Festival in the camp was not bad at all.Make dumplings, paste Spring Festival couplets, hang lanterns……Fire and rescue workers, with thoughts and warmth, worked together to decorate the big family.At 6 o ‘clock in the afternoon, he and his brothers dressed in combat uniform to eat the Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner, only when the alarm rang, they can race against time, the first time rushed to the scene, fighting with the fire demon, maximum protection of the people’s peace.After the New Year’s Eve dinner, they went to the busiest place in the city to prepare for the work until 1 am.While others were joyfully watching the Spring Festival Gala, he and his brothers were guarding the lights of thousands of families under neon lights.Whenever someone asked him, Zhao jiqing always firmly said: “And brothers to eat together is the reunion dinner, we choose the fire and rescue team, but also choose a responsibility, in order to citizens can have a lucky, safe year, no matter how hard and tired, it is worth it.”When he received the video at home, his eyes were red. He was worthy of the society, the organization and the people, but he always felt guilty about his family.In the video call, he told his parents, “Mom, I’m sorry I can’t be with you this year. I broke my promise again. Please take good care of yourself.Hanging up, he silently looked home, alone in silence.Ordinary makes great. Heroes come from the people.Comrade Zhao Jiqing is just a miniature of all the fire rescue personnel in Qianxinan.They are in the ordinary post, to give up the small family for everyone’s dedication, guard the lights, protect the holiday peace, is the people’s most reliable guardian, is the most beautiful “flame blue”.Author: Wang Jue Production: Qianxinan Fire All-media Center Editor: Yu Xingxue Review: Zhang Siyuan point share